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Bluetooth Developer Tools

Suppliers of Bluetooth software development tools.
Most of these companies also supply protocol software, consultancy, training or similar services
to augment their basic development kit offerings.
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company website

Agilent Technologies was created as a result of a corporate realignment from Hewlett-Packard. It focuses on four markets: test and measurement, semiconductor products, healthcare solutions and chemical analysis, with support from central laboratory. Agilent's has a large range of Bluetooth solutions, specifically for designing and manufacturing Bluetooth products. 

Bluetooth Design Guide provide the user with quick setup, analysis, and data display to verifies the most common performance specifications of Bluetooth transmitters and receivers in order to reduce the time taken for the product development cycle. Click here for a PDF file on details of this product.


Company Website
ConnectBlue specialize in integrating Bluetooth based communication solutions in applications and equipment for industrial or commercial use, offering complete hardware and software solutions. It is a supplier of complete Bluetooth solutions for industrial and commercial use. ConnectBlue serves companies with hardware and software solutions, Bluetooth products and training and seminar program. 

Bluetooth Enabler Platform is a modular hierarchy of software components enabling full Bluetooth control.

Development Environment
PC Simulator environment
Compiler environment
Application build-file templates
Trace tool

Run Time Support Library
Bluetooth Host Stack
TCP/IP stack
WEB server
File System
FTP Server

Download Technical Specification

Company Website
The inventor of Bluetooth and one of the early core members of SIG. 

Bluetooth Application Tool Kit is designed to enable adopters of the Bluetooth wireless technology to get started with Bluetooth software development. It includes a Bluetooth Module and the lower layers of the Bluetooth Host Stack. The Bluetooth Module can be connected to a host PC using either USB or UART. The stack is delivered as an executable COM server and several typical applications are included.

Bluetooth HCI Toolbox is a development tool that allows the user to perform a variety of tests on HCI Modules that comply with the HCI Specification.

Bluetooth Script Engine is a development tool that enables the user to make use of the comprehensive sets of scripts for integration testing of Bluetooth products, for example: Bluetooth HOST Stack and HCI Modules.

Bluetooth Log Analyzer is a development tool that allows the user to view the internal signalling of the Equipment Under Test (EUT) as Message Sequence Charts (MSC) in a standard WEB browser.

These products are distributed via distributors, a list of which may be found by clicking here.

GCT Semiconductor Inc
Company Website

ESDK (Embedded Software Development Kit) provides embedded Bluetooth protocol called EDSK. EDSK is integrated development environment for customized applications. It features:

-V6 (Vincent processor) executable for program -development
-RTOS: VOS (Vincent -Operating System), GVOS (GCT Virtual OS)
-using eCos or VOS on Linux platform
-Embedded stacks, Profiles, Applications HCI, GXHCI (GCT extended
-HCI) Firmware download/configuration

HSDK (Host-side Software Development Kit) provides developers with Windows API device drivers, along with reference code for evaluation of customized Bluetooth applications. It features: 

-Standard HCI / GXHCI
-Host Application
-Device Driver
-Software implementation

Company Website
The Himico project was designed by Cosmic Co. Ltd and hdLab in December 1999 aimed at the development of state-of-the-art wireless terminal IPs. 

Himico Bluetooth Middleware
A Bluetooth protocol and profiles software module. It allows development of your own platform.
Himico BTDK, this is a Bluetooth total software development kit. This can be used to develop Bluetooth application software and can be used as a testing tool for evaluating/testing your own embedded Bluetooth devices. 

IAR Systems
Company Website
IAR Systems is a supplier of development tools for embedded systems and Bluetooth development and testing. The company offer embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stacks, Bluetooth test & qualification tools, Bluetooth Starter Kits, C/EC++ compilers and UML tools.

Bluetooth Protocol Stack Generator 
A Bluetooth Protocol Stack generator based on IAR's MakeApp Technology.
Allows the developer to configure a Bluetooth protocol stack graphically, and then automatically generate an optimized Bluetooth protocol stack implementation as C source code. The stack is optimized according to the configuration, and becomes very compact with a minimum memory footprint and can be used in almost all PC and embedded systems, including many 8-bit microcontrollers.

IAR PreQual enables you to execute all tests needed to pass Bluetooth qualification. IAR PreQual can be used as a protocol debugger, or as a test and qualification tool. It creates message sequence charts and generate test reports for the BQB automatically.

IXI Mobile Inc. 
Company Website
Founded in August 2000, the privately held company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with a research and development center near Tel Aviv, Israel.  

Development tools including reference designs and SDKs for PMG and Sleek devices are available.

Impart Technology
Company Website
Impart Technology makes it possible for any mobile device to be interoperable with any other mobile device.

Software Development Kit removes the complexity of the communication layer. It allows users to write their own mobile application once, and it will run over multiple protocols and protocol stacks on PocketPC and PalmOS seamlessly. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Company website

Impulsesoft is a short-range wireless solutions provider working with electronic equipment manufacturers, OEMs and silicon vendors to enable them to bring application specific short-range wireless solutions quickly to the market. 

BluePC SDK is an industrial-strength Bluetooth Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Microsoft Windows platform. For PC manufacturers and OEMs, the BluePC SDK allows you to develop custom applications for Bluetooth profiles, product differentiation. For a PDF file of the product details click here

Company Website
Intel is well known for its computer processors.  As the PC market has been developing and incorporating further technologies it has recognised its need to get involved in wireless and was a founder member of the Bluetooth SIG. 

The Intel Flash Data Integrator provides the user with the ability to manage software code, data, and files in flash memory in an open architecture, including support for downloaded Java applets, Bluetooth file transfers, and voice recognition tags.  

Intel also has a daughter company known as Xircom which particularly focuses on wireless technologies and Bluetooth. Xircom's products can be found on the Bluetooth PC Cards and Flash Cards Page, the PDA Accessories Page, and the USB Adapters and Dongles Page.

Company Website

The MEZOE product range provides rapid, low-risk and cost-effective route to Bluetooth market entry. MEZOE's flagship product, Interface Express, takes away the complexities of Bluetooth communications and enables you to bring your products to market with ease. MEZOE is a division of Cambridge Consultants Limited.

Interface Express (with BlueStack) provides profile-centric software suite that allows quick development and testing of Bluetooth applications (embedded, Win32 Console, or MFC) with little detailed knowledge of the Bluetooth specification, thus allowing the developer to focus on the application-specific issues. BlueStack, the underlying protocol software, is qualified to v1.1.

Proto Developer is a development tool that allows development and testing of applications, using the protocol-centric interface of BlueStack, on a PC before porting to custom hardware. It is available for free and can be downloaded from our website.

Company Website

As a pan-European distributor of Bluetooth technology products, Nohau has offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Products offered include Bluetooth protocol analyzers and test generators from CATC, Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from Adamya and Bluetooth connectivity products for industrial applications from connectBlue. Nohau also runs regular seminars and training courses on all aspects of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Company Website

Nokia focus on developing solutions for the home that add convenience to peoples lives. This includes work within the wireless, broadband, cable, and satellite technology.

Series 60 Software Development Kit (SDK) for Symbian OS allows third-party developers to design applications for Symbian OS based phones that use the Series 60 Platform. The Series 60 Platform, targeted at smart phones, includes a graphical user interface and a suite of applications that are all built on the Symbian OS. Bluetooth applications can be written in the same way as any other C++ applications for the Symbian OS. Third-party applications can take advantage of the Bluetooth Application Programming Interface that is included in the Series 60 SDK for Symbian OS. 

Series 60 -enabled smart phones will be available from several manufacturers, which will create a market with a large number of terminals that support Series 60 Platform based applications. The first phone to be based on the Series 60 Platform is the Nokia 7650.

Open Interface          
Company website
Open Interface North America was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2000, with the goal of bringing the Japan-based parent company's Bluetooth development efforts to a worldwide market.  Open Interface is developing Bluetooth wireless technology for the world PC market. 

BlueMagic Evaluation Kit
A Bluetooth Development Kit for engineering prototyping.  Part of the Open Interface's Bluetooth Development Kit Series for Windows, the kit comprises the following software components
* Bluetooth protocol stack, BlueMagic 2.0, Bluetooth Specification v.1.1 for Windows ME and 2000
* Configuration utility source code
* BtAPI source code header files
* Device driver interface (upper HCI) source codes
* BlueSleuth Software Analyzer
* Sample user interface source code
together with related documentation.

BlueSleuth Software Analyzer - This software analyzer equipment has been designed by Open Interface to simplify the testing and troubleshooting process and is included as part of their BlueMagic Evaluation Kit 2.0.   It features a user-friendly interface to make the debugging and troubleshooting process simpler, as well as assist in each stage of development by capturing relevant information.

Rococo Software
Company Website

Impronto Simulator runs Java applications in a simulated Bluetooth environment, allowing developers to test and configure applications before deploying them on Bluetooth devices. 

Impronto Developer Kit makes creating wireless applications easy by hiding complex Bluetooth protocols behind standard Java APIs. A wireless application written with Impronto will run on any standard Java Bluetooth platform.

Java Development for Bluetooth applications.  

Socket Communications Inc
Company Website

This company offers connection products for handheld computers and other devices including Bluetooth.

Current Socket Communications Bluetooth products include:
Bluetooth Card SDK provides a Bluetooth Card development solution supporting point-to-point connectivity and support for 4 Bluetooth Profiles: Dial-up Networking (DUN); Service Discovery; General Access; Serial (cable replacement).
LAN Access SDK partnered with Axis Communications to provide a new SDK which allows wireless LAN connectivity with Pocket PC devices. This Kit will allow developers to create Bluetooth solutions for a Microsoft Windows CE device and then connect that application to their network through the Axis LAN Access Point (LAP) via the Socket Bluetooth Card.
Embedded Developers Kit  provides customized OEM support through the Socket Bluetooth Embedded Module solution.
Platform Builder 3.0 Program offers the ability for Embedded Windows CE developers to design-in Socket Bluetooth Products into their reference platforms based upon Windows CE Platform Builder 3.0.

Teleca Comtec AB
Company Website
Teleca, established 1974, is a supplier of hardware and software engineering services for advanced systems, electronic equipment and applications. 

Bluetooth HCI Toolbox allows you to perform a variety of tests on HCI Modules that comply with the HCI Specification. It can send both standard HCI commands and user-defined HCI commands, as well as issue different kinds of combinations of HCI commands for specific purposes, like file transfers and stress tests. 

Bluetooth Script Engine enables you to utilize the comprehensive sets of scripts specifically designed by Ericsson for integration testing of advanced Bluetooth products, for example: Bluetooth HOST Stack and HCI Modules.

Bluetooth Log Analyzer allows you to view the internal signalling of the Equipment Under Test (EUT) as Message Sequence Charts (MSC) in a standard WEB browser.

Company Website

This company focuses upon delivering wireless indoor networking solutions that enable wireless devices to communicate with any other, anytime, anywhere which as a result includes the use of Bluetooth technology within it's products.

WIDCOMM currently market three Developer Kits:
BlueConnect Development Kit for the Visor/Palm platform which enables Palm OS developers to create software applications for the Handspring Visor product family. 
BTW Development Kit for Windows enables developers to create software applications for Bluetooth in the Windows environment
Network Solutions Development Kit provides a development environment for extending Visor and Windows applications into the wired network using WIDCOMM's server independent Bluegate 2100 access point.

Company Website

Zucotto Wireless develops Java technology-based native processors (JNPs), software and development tools for the handheld wireless device industry. 

Whiteboard Software Development Kit provides a complete development environment for creating and testing wireless Java applications for J2ME compliant mobile devices. It extends Bluetooth functionality to wireless Java application development, supporting their Java based protocol stack.

Zucotto also supply a hardware development kit



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