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USB Adapters & Dongles

Suppliers of Bluetooth USB Dongles
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

A Bluetooth USB Dongle is a USB plug-in device which enables:
* The wireless exchange of data and audio between Bluetooth-enabled devices
* Internet access from a PC
* Internet access via a Bluetooth access point on a LAN, ISDN or PSTN network
* Synchronisation of PC and hand-held PDAs (Palms, etc.), to update address information, etc

Company Website
3Com Corporation was founded in 1979. The company provides solutions to the computer networking industry.
3com Bluetooth USB Adapter enables wireless connections between a users' desktop or notebook PC and other Bluetooth devices.

AirLogic Co., Ltd.
Company Website
Assembled with a team of distinguished engineers and professionals who have wide experience, techniques and know-how in this field, AirLogic Co., Ltd. is a newly-established company developing and providing Bluetooth-based wireless communications solution. The company's products range from Bluetooth USB Dongle to Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth Serial Adapter and Bluetooth Module.

AirMate (USB Bluetooth Dongle with Flash Memory)
AirMate is the worldĄŻs first Bluetooth Adaptor combined with Flash memory storage. Functionally, it allows the customers to connect to the Bluetooth enabled devices and to use it as a portable flash drive for data.

AirBridge(USB Bluetooth Dongle)
It is USB Bluetooth Dongle(RED, Blue) for wireless connection, the options are class 1 & class 2 at customers' requirement.

Company Website

BlueGear Bluetooth USB Dongle. Main features
  • Reliable wireless connections with speeds up to 1 Mbps
  • Internet access sharing
  • USB interface fits both desktops and notebooks
  • File and information sharing make collaboration effortless
  • Printer sharing
  • Play multiplayer PC games wirelessly
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME/98 SE
BlueGear Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity Kit, includes:
  • 1 BluetoothTM USB Adapter
  • 1 Holder
  • 1 USB Extension Cable
  • BlueGear Installation CD
  • Quick Installation Guide

It allows you to:

  • Synchronize your Bluetooth enabled PDAs and cellular phones
  • Connect to the internet through a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone
  • Surf the Internet on your Bluetooth PDA
  • Print to a Bluetooth enabled printer
  • Exchange files with most Bluetooth devices

Company Website

A full line supplier of Bluetooth products, including Bluetooth USB adaptore, BT CF card, BT Access Point and BT Handsfree kit.

Bluetooth USB dongle: BluetoothTM USB Adaptor is an external adaptor enabling Notebook and Desktop PC through USB interface to communicate wirelessly with other BluetoothTM enabled devices. The adapter supports data transmission and is fully compliant with BluetoothTM specification version 1.1 standard,class1 operation which allows up to 20 dBm output power, supporting operation range up to 140 meters (LOS / Line of Sight).

Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Website

Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a provider of market-oriented wireless solution with global marketing experiences. 

Bluetooth USB Adapter BT009S USB Adaptor allows a laptop or desktop PC to wirelessly exchange files and access the internet.

Bluewinc Inc.
Company Website
Bluewinc Inc. is a venture enterprise to develop hardware and software solutions of Bluetooth.

USB Dongle allows Bluetooth connection between a PC and other Bluetooth devices,
as well as internet access. It allows sharing of files with other Bluetooth PCs, dial up the internet through other Bluetooth PCs with internet connection or Bluetooth mobile phone.

Brain Boxes
Company website
Brain Boxes is a UK based company which specialises in the manufacture of Personal Computer add-on cards. Their product range incorporates Bluetooth wireless technology, PCI, PCMCIA, and USB technology geared towards Serial Comms, Electronic Point of Sale and Mobile Data Communications. Also download their Product Information PDF FIle.

Bluetooth USB Adapter BL-554, this can be used with any laptop or desktop PC with a spare USB connector. An example of its use to allow you to wirelessly exchange files or business cards with anyone that comes into your office or the ability to wirelessly transfer copies of presentations or datasheets direct to another Bluetooth PC or printer.

CC&C Technologies Inc.
Company Website
CC&C Tech. focus on developing the best wireless communication products and technologies and have been since it's creation in September 1997.

Bluetooth USB Dongle. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Bluetooth USB Keyboard. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Bluetooth USB Hub. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Bluetooth USB/UART Module. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Company Website

Bluetooth USB Adaptor, features: Bluetooth spec. 1.1 compliant, Supported profiles: LAP, SYNC, GAP, Data Transfer rate : 723kbps (max), Size : 56mm x 27mm x 12mm, Antenna : Internal Chip Type, Power LED, Bluetooth activity LED.

Com One
Company Website
Com One, based in France, provides telecommunication products for a range of technologies including Bluetooth, ASDL, PSTN, LAN and ISDN. 

Bluetooth USB Dongle allows any device with a USB slot to connect via Bluetooth allowing devices to connect wirelessly to a range of 50m and transmission speed of up to 721 Kbps. 

Cyber-blue(Shenzhen) Technologies Co., ltd
Company Website
We are first company in China who get approval of SIG.

Bluetooth USB dongle. The Blue-USB TM BluetoothTM USB Dongle is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for customers wanting to have a BluetoothTM plug-on module to their PC now, giving them the ability to communicate with any peripheral BluetoothTM device.

Data Memory Systems, Inc.
Company Website

Data Memory Systems, Inc. of Salem New Hampshire announces the completion of a strategic alliance with wireless product manufacture Global Link Electronics Corp. DMS will become one of 3 factory direct distributors of Blue-Gene Bluetooth wireless technology products. 

The BT -30U: USB adapter. Bluetooth Specification V.1.1 compliant • USB interface • 20dBm Output Power ; Class 1 device • Working distance up to 140 meters (LOS) • Supports Windows 98SE,Windows ME, Windows 2000,Windows XP , MAC OS 10+ • Compliant with USB UHCI/OHCI spec.1.1 • BT-301U Only: The latest addition to our product line, with reduced size, BT-301U post superior performance. An upgrade from BT-30U. Available in Dec. 2002.

Company Website

Bluetooth USB Dongle for Macintosh 
D-Link DWB-120M is a Bluetooth USB adapter for Macintosh Computers.  It adheres to Bluetooth v1.1 standards and supports wireless data transfers of 723kb/s at ranges up to 33 feet. It is compact and portable making it ideal for Macintosh iBook and PowerBook users, but also connects easily to the Apple Pro keyboard's integrated USB port.

First International Computer Inc.
Company Website
FIC is one of the largest mo
therboard manufacturers, and an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality motherboards and systems that meet the demands of the ever-changing hi-tech marketplace. However the company also has products for various PC functions.

FIC-BTDongle-SW1 is a Bluetooth USB Dongle based on FIC-BTModule-SW1 with the USB 1.1 interface. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Global Sun Technology
Company Website
Global Sun Technology Inc. supplies  OEM contract manufacturing services to equipment suppliers in the computer, communications, and electronics fields and designs, manufactures, and sells wireless communication equipment, specifically using Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless LAN technologies to OEM/ODM customers. 

Global Sun "ProWave" Bluetooth USB Adapter the BTU 2400 is a full function Bluetooth USB adapter. The BTU 2400 is a low  output power, 0dBmfor Bluetooth class 2, suitable for indoor operation such as home and office environment. This adapter includes 3 portions of circuit :a 2.4GHz radio, a baseband controller with USB interface, flash memory; to form Bluetooth specification 1.0 function. BTU 2400 has build-in patch antenna. This adapter is easy to interface to host device via the USB interface . The USB interface complies with USB specification Rev: 1.1. It uses the Ericsson Bluetooth Chipset.

Hassnet Inc.
Company Website
A Korean company, founded in July 1999,  Hassnet became a member of the Bluetooth SIG November 1999. Hassnet focus on developing & marketing hardware and software solutions for networking within the Bluetooth standard. 

BUD USB Dongle
The BUD -  Bluetooth USB adaptor - allows existing non-Bluetooth devices to access the Internet and exchange data without wire to enable mobility and productivity.
Download pdf info sheet

Company Website
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi is a large global electronics company. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment

Bluetooth USB Adapter for personal computer. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Company Website
IBM concentrate on the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

Bluetooth Ultraport Module allows a ThinkPad to communicate with other Bluetooth devices enabling the user to wirelessly dial out to the Internet using a cell phone, sync with a PDA, or easily share a presentation with other ThinkPads. It has a range of 10 meters. It can be installed via the UltraPort connection at the top of certain ThinkPad displays without the need for a PC Card slot. 

LG Innotek
Company Website
The company focus on telecommunications defense initiatives but have more recently diversed into providing a number of products using the Bluetooth Technology.

Bluetooth USB Adapter (LBAS-2001) for PC user,both desktop and NoteBook PC, Our USB adapter allows users to access other Bluetooth devices including access point. Plugging directly into the USB port, you can synchronize with other Bluetooth devices. File transfer, chatting, access internet and other various applications are available. Features include: USB Compliance : Version 1.1, Data Transfer Rate : 723kbps (max), Output Power : 1mW, Range Coverage: 20m max, System support : Win 98, Win 2000, Win ME, Antenna : PCB Pattern Type.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company Website (Japanese)

Bluetooth USB Adapter - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

Mavin Technology Inc.
Company Website

Mavin Technology is a registered member of SIG (The Bluetooth Special Interest Group), with experience in Baseband, RF, software driver profiling and platform testing. Mavin Technology does OEM/ODM contract manufacturing services for suppliers in the computer, communication and electronics fields.

Bluetooth USB Adapter. CSR chipset, Up to 40 meters.

Company Website
Mitsumi was founded in 1954 and is a worldwide manufacturer of electronic components and PC peripherals. 

WIF-0402C (PDF File) Bluetooth USB Adaptor. Wireless communications USB adapter conforming to Bluetooth Ver. 1.1. Enables plugandplay wireless communications on PCs, etc. with built-in USB. Features: Conforms to Bluetooth Ver. 1.1, Conforms to RCR-STD-T66, Ultra-small size, Cableless structure, USB bus power means no external power supply needed, Achieves excellent interconnectivity.  

Company Website
Motorola provides integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. This includes wireless communications, making end-to-end systems, embedded semiconductor solutions and embedded electronic systems.

USB Adapter USB dongle: +20dBm Bluetooth radio module designed according to the Bluetooth radio specification version 1.0.

Motorola Bluetooth USB Adapter. See PDF File. - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

Motorola Bluetooth (TM) USB Adapter. See PDF File. - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East/West Corporation
Company Website
- e-mail if you can help us.

USB Dongle - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

NSM Technology
Company website
Formed in 1999, is a subsidiary National Semiconductor, NSM Technology is an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and is primarily involved in the wireless communications industry previously through DECT technology and now increasingly through Bluetooth.

Current Bluetooth products include:
Bluetooth USB Dongle is an external adapter with a USB interface that can connect to any devices with a USB port such as Laptop or Desktop PC's. The dongle is designed for Bluetooth enabling wireless connectivity and networking for Laptop and Desktop PC's using Bluetooth wireless technology. For their PDF file click here

Bluetooth UART Dongle is an external adapter, for replacing an existing RS-232 cable connecting between any two RS-232 devices to provide short to mid range mobility and wireless connectivity using Bluetooth wireless technology. For their PDF file click here

Company Website

GW-BH02U bRoadLannerWave Bluetooth USB Adapter (USB Adapter with a Built-In Bluetooth Module) utilizes the characteristic of Bluetooth module that enables low-cost and low power consumption wireless communication between portable information devices to further enhance the convenience o notebook PC's, PDA's and cellular phones, etc.  Moreover, the product supports a wide range of applications including seven services such as business card exchange and file exchange. 

Company Website

Primax was established in Taiwan in March 1984 and is now a worldwide company, it focuses on imaging products, computer peripherals, paper handling equipment, Internet/information appliance products, and communication accessories. 

BluePort USB Adapter provides same functionality with BluePort PCMCIA Card except different interface and form factor. Designed for notebooks and desktops with USB interfaces, brings wireless connectivity between notebooks/desktops and other Bluetooth enabled devices. Features: Windows 98/2000/ME operating system support, 10 meter transmission range for 1st generation product, Built-in authentication and encryption, An axle design allowing angle adjustment for optimal radio performance. Application Profiles: GAP, SDAP, SPP, LAP, DUNP, OPP, FTP.

BluePort USB Dongle has the same functionality with the BluePort USB Adapter but it's specially designed for desktop users and comes with a 6-feet-long USB cable, allowing users to position the USB Dongle on the table for optimal radio performance. Features: Windows 98/2000/ME operating system support, 10 meter transmission range for 1st generation product, Built-in authentication and encryption, Specially designed for desktop PCs with a 6-feet-long USB cable. Application Profiles: GAP, SDAP, SPP, LAP, DUNP, OPP, FTP.

RTX Telecom
Company website
RTX are suppliers of total product development solutions, with emphasis on wireless communications standards.   Their Bluetooth products include a range of product design solutions.  RTX Telecom offers a Bluetooth USB Dongle sold as OEM solutions, securing customers a key advantage in terms of time, due to the fact that the major development work has been done, and the time spent on development is thus reduced significantly. However, only tentative specifications are provided since the exact specifications of a particular product will always be adapted to the customer's individual requirements.

RTX 9201 Bluetooth USB Dongle is a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution for customers wanting to have a Bluetooth plug-on module to their PC, it gives them the ability to communicate with any peripheral Bluetooth device instantly. The RTX Telecom Bluetooth USB Dongle is only available as an OEM-product. For a picture of the product click here.

Smart Modular Technologies
Company Website
SMART is a manufacturer of standard and custom computer memory modules, ATA, Linear Flash and compact flash cards, voltage regulator products and a producer of wireless communications devices and wireline communication sub-systems.

Blue Opal USB Dongle       
"Blue Opal" is a USM Dongle based on the CSR BlueCore2 single chip solution.  It is Class 2, v1.1 compliant and features 8MB flash memory for firmware, controlled via the USB interface.  For a total Bluetooth solution, the module requires Bluetooth protocol stack software - it can be supplied with the Impulsesoft stack.

Company Website

Solitonix is developing a wireless audio/video (multimedia) link using Bluetooth and wireless LAN technologies. In the first stage, a wireless audio solution based on Bluetooth A/V specification will be provided at the end of 2002.

Bluetooth USB audio dongle is a new wireless sound card for PC and notebook PC. Just plug a USB audio dongle into your PC, then you can enjoy wirelessly any music that your PC is playing. Speaker and headphone solution for this product is also provided.

Stollmann E+V GmbH
Company Website
Stollmann develops Bluetooth and ISDN protocol stacks and OEM products. Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany. Stollmann and its 30 developers and engineers have developed more than 150 products over the past seven years. Its modular and flexible software architecture supports various PC systems, embedded hardware, and operating system platforms.

BlueUSB/PCMCIA+ Windows driver for USB and PCMCIA for various hardware platforms. Includes various profiles and easy-to-use control program BlueControl+.

Sunderland Technologies Pte Ltd
Company website
Founded 1998, based in Singapore, Sunderland focus on wireless computing connectivity.
Download their Bluetooth brochure

BLUEport - USB adapter       
Bluetooth 1.0B + critical errata, data rates up to 721 kbps, proprietary wireless printing supported (requires BLUEprint).  
Profiles supported include Generic Access, File Transfer, Serial Port, Dial-up Networking, LAN Access, Proprietary Printing

SuperBT Canada, Inc
Company Website

SuperBT develop and sell wireless access points as well as Bluetooth USB adapters.

Bluetooth USB adapter SBT-100 is a cable replacement solution for a laptop or desktop. Access internet by attaching the adapter to the USB jack and establishing the link with the access point.

TDK Systems
Company Website
Based in North London, UK, the company focuses on providing wired to wireless connectivity products.

Bluetooth USB connects to the laptop or desktop USB port for immediate cable-free connectivity.

Tecom Co., Ltd.
Company Website
TECOM Co., LTD., a Taiwan based OEM, ODM manufacturer providing telecommunication products, such as Bluetooth, WLAN, xDSL, iDSLAM, Cordless phone, business communication equipments etc.

Bluetooth USB Dongle - BT3030 is a Bluetooth spec v1.1, power class 1, BQB certified external adapter with USB interface for Desktop or Laptop PC to communicate with other Bluetooth device.

Windigo Systems
Company Website

Founded in 2001, Windigo Systems is a dedicated "wireless solutions provider" specializing in providing leading-edge wireless technology to the world. From its USA headquarters in San Jose, California, Windigo Systems has operations in North America, Asia and Europe and maintains a comprehensive sales network around the world. Windigo Systems is a subsidiary of Wearnes Technology, a publicly-listed multi-national conglomerate with interests in numerous other successful technology companies.

Windigo manufactures Class 2 USB dongles along with Blue Manager s/w. Product can be customised for OEM requirements. CE,FCC and BQB certified.

Wistron Neweb Corp.
Company Website
Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), is a member of Acer Group's DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) Division. It is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the field of advanced wireless communication. 

Current Bluetooth products include:
USB Dongle WSU  offers Bluetooth technology with data speeds of up to 1Mbps and a range of 10meters. The dongle supports Windows 98, NT and 2000 operating systems.

WS Inc
Company Website

Bluetooth USB Dongle

Xircom Inc. (An Intel Company)
Company Website

Xircom designs and develops connectivity solutions to enable mobile users to access corporate networks, the Internet and Intranets, selling product in over 100 countries.  Xircom is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, Calif., with regional headquarters in Belgium, Japan and Singapore, has nearly 2000 employees worldwide. The company was acquired by Intel in March 2001.

USB Bluetooth Adapter allows the user to link their desktop or notebook to their mobile phone, printer or other Bluetooth enabled devices within a PAN without cables. 

Zupera Technology Corporation Limited
Company Website
Design, development, & export of embedded systems, industrial computers, mobile computers, Bluetooth technology, & WLAN.

Bluetooth Class 1 (open range of 100 meters) USB Bluetooth module, Class 1: range of 100 meters. Developed drivers supportive of Win CE, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Linux.

Bluetooth Class 2 (open range of 15-20 meters) USB Bluetooth module, Class 2: range of 15-20 meters. Developed drivers supportive of Win CE, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Linux.

Z-Bluetooth Key is an external adapter with a USB interface that could connect to any devices with a USB port or embedded Bluetooth module. It is Software compliant with Windows CE, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Linux v2.4 O/S. It has Two Class Units:
Class 1: wireless open range of 100 open meters
Class 2: wireless open range of 20 open meters 

ZBTK, Z-Bluetooth Key. Bluetooth certified, Class two, USB.



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