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Bluetooth Shop and Buy

On-line Bluetooth Retailers

An increasing number of Bluetooth products are being sold over the web.
On this page we  list on-line retailers of Bluetooth products, including links to on-line shops provided  by manufacturers.
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website
Based in Liverpool (UK) the company offers an online retail store selling a range of Bluetooth devices and solutions from a number of well known Bluetooth companies. The website retails products including Headsets, PC and CF Cards, Mobile Phones, Notebooks, PDAs, Access Points, and camcorders.

Company Website
An on-line Bluetooth product retailer selling a number of companies' Bluetooth-enabled products. The company currently sell a range of Bluetooth devices which include Cellular Phones, Printer modules, PC Cards and Headsets.

Company Website

This is an eTail shop specifically for Bluetooth needs. Mobiles Phones, Laptops, Access Points, PC Cards, CF Cards, Camcorders, Headsets, PDA's are all retailed.

Celltec Info
Company Website
The company retails Ericsson Mobile Phones, and various other Ericsson solutions.

Online Shop
Founded in 1986, and now a subsidiary of Motorola , this is an R&D company that specializes in Bluetooth wireless technology. It offers a wide range of products to the OEM market listed elsewhere on The Wireless Directory (Bluetoothweb).

Company Website

UK Distributor & Retailer for the Bluetake range of Bluetooth products

Company Website

Handango, a provider e-tailing products focused on the handheld/PDA market, including a few Bluetooth-related products.

Mobile Data Direct ltd

Leading supplier of Bluetooth Devices with full technical support

Bluetooth CF/PC and SD Cards

Bluetooth Adaptors

Bluetooth Printer Solutions

ProControl CZ s.r.o.
Company Website
Located in Brno (Czech Republic) the company run 4 online shops related to Bluetooth.

All our shops offers and sells a range of Bluetooth and WI-FI devices, (Headsets, PC and CF Cards, Mobile Phones, Notebooks, PDAs, Access Points, camcorders ,etc.) and solutions from known BT and WI-FI producers. The company offers and implements solutions on the basis of bothtechnologies. (Czech Republic) ((Slovak Republic, subsidiary (ProControl Slovakia s.r.o. Banska Bystrica) (Hungary, subsidiary Vadiker Kft, Szentendre)

Also to be launched in 2003: (Poland) (Russia).

Shoponline, Inc.
CompanyWebsite is an online Bluetooth retailer.

Bluetooth Headset

Online Shop

The Toshiba America Group specializes in advanced electronics and focuses on products that enhance the home, office, industry and health care environments. Toshiba markets include: manufacturers information and communication systems, electronic components, heavy electrical apparatus, consumer products and medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

Primate Systems
Company Website
Primate Systems, Incorporated was formed in 1999 to provide multi-network connectivity for mobile messaging. Primate Systems provides messaging software and network services for GSM, CDMA, TDMA, iDEN wireless networks with the use of Bluetooth technology.

At present the company retails the CF-2000 Bluetooth Flash/PCMCIA Card from Anycom, the Blue 5 from TDK systems and the Red-M Blade  solutions  for allowing PDAs to be Bluetooth enabled, and the Ericsson T28 Bluetooth Adapter and Headset.

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