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Bluetooth For PDA

Bluetooth PDA Accessories  

Suppliers of Bluetooth PDA Modules and Bluetooth-enabled PDAs
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website

Anycom provides users with an end-to-end wireless solutions using Bluetooth technology via a range of products which include client devices, printer modules, and access points.

Bluejacket BJ-2001 is designed for the Palm V or Vx to communicate via Bluetooth wireless technology with other Bluetooth devices such as a notebook, handheld device etc.

Printing For Bluetooth Pocket PC Solution Kit allows a user's handheld or laptop computer, Anycom’s CompactFlash card, and PocketPRINT 3.0 software, to print your Pocket Word, Excel or Outlook email documents directly to Bluetooth enabled printers.

Company Website

Bluetooth Pocket PC phonizer is a PDA application software that enables voice call on a PDA that has Bluetooth PCMCIA or CF card. The Pocket PC phonizer sends call control and voice signals to a nearby Bluetooth access point that supports Bluetooth cordless telephony profile, and the access point performs conversion between Bluetooth signals and PSTN or VoIP signals. 

Colligo Networks Inc (formerly Synchropoint Wireless)
Company Website

Colligo provides collaboration software that enables mobile workers to exchange information, share resources and communicate in the office or on the road - simply, instantly and securely. All work with Palm OS devices using an accessory Bluetooth card like Palm's SD Bluetooth card.

Colligo Meeting enables Bluetooth-equipped Palm users to wirelessly connect their Palm OS Date Books, view each attendee's schedule, secure a meeting time, and accept or decline invitations. 

BlueBoard is a portable whiteboard that allows users to share drawings in real-time.

Share images in real-time
Connect up to four “artists”
View partner’s sketches on the same drawing in different colors

BlueChat is a private messaging and chat application. 

Quickly Connect
Create an instant and ad-hoc chat-room
View partner’s text in different colors
Select from existing phrases to reduce effort
Create custom phrases that you can use again and again
Private and secure
Fast and simple to use

 Compaq (merging with HP)
Company website
Founded in 1982, Compaq Computer Corporation is a global provider of information technology products, services and solutions for enterprise customers.

Bluetooth Wireless Pack with CF Card Slot allows any iPAQ Pocket PC to communicate wirelessly with other cellular and computing devices using secure personal area networking technology via Bluetooth connection. It is suitable for all iPAQ H3100 Series, H3600 Series, H3700 Series, H3800 Series models except the H3870 which already have integrated Bluetooth capabilities.

Company Website
ELSA is a provider of products for Internet access and PC graphics as well as services.
See their Bluetooth Brochure (PDF).

ELSA LogBoard allows use of the Internet wirelessly. It features a 8.4" TFT color display, Windows CE 3.0 operating system, radio connection via Wi-Fi (802.11b), Bluetooth or GPRS/GSM technologies, operation by touchscreen and virtual screen keyboard, integrated microphone and speakers, comes with Internet Explorer 4.0 and important plug-ins: Java Virtual Machine, Macromedia Flash 4.0, Viewer for Word and PDF, MP3, Wav, AIFF, Midi, AUm expansion options with compact flash memory cards (16 MB to 196 MB). Also see 
Technical Data
and Data Sheet (PDF - 48KB).

Company website
Inventop is a pioneer in the emerging Bluetooth networking space whose core business is to provide wireless applications and technologies that naturally and spontaneously connect people, information and services using PDA devices.

ProximityMail - ProximityMail turns a Bluetooth-enabled PDA into a powerful community messaging device.

BluePing Network - The BluePing Network is powerfully simple network technology that extends Bluetooth’s effective range to create a network communications platform with virtually unlimited range.

Company Website
The company have developed many PC software solutions to date many of which have almost become de facto in the PC industry. Most notable of these is the Windows operating system.

Windows CE .Net is a software operating system for smart mobile devices. It is Microsoft's first operating software solution to have Bluetooth drivers installed and enabled.

Company website
The company who invented the Palm Pilot need no introduction - pioneers of the PDA and personal information management.

The Palm Bluetooth Card, based on the SDIO specification, can be slipped into Palm branded handhelds that have the Palm Expansion Slot, such as the Palm m125, m130, m500, m505, m515, and i705.

Red-M Communications
Company website
Red-M was founded as an internal start-up of Madge Networks N.V. and is focused on enabling Bluetooth and internet technologies for mobile data, voice and video services in the workplace.

Red-M Blade Bluetooth Clip-on for PalmTM Vx - qualified June 2001 - is an accessory that allows user connection to personal, corporate and public data within any Bluetooth enabled area. 
Supports the Generic Access, LAN Access and Service Discovery profiles.

Socket Communications            
Company website
Socket Communications, Inc. develops and sells connection products for handheld computers and other devices.

Bluetooth PDA plug-in card Part number: BL4508-309

CompactFlash I/O, Bluetooth Card, Type I - with integrated antenna. The Bluetooth Connection Kit features the Socket Bluetooth Card and Get Connected! Setup wizard. The software runs on Windows CE 2.11 for Handheld PC Pros, Pocket PC 3.0, Pocket PC 2002 and Handheld PC 2000 3.0.

The phones listed below have been tested and are compatible with the kit. GSM phones - Ericsson R520, T39, and T68; Motorola 270C; Nokia 6210 and CDMAone - Sony au C413 phones.

Sunderland Technologies Pte Ltd
Company website
Founded 1998, based in Singapore, Sunderland focus on wireless computing connectivity.

WAVEClip is a clip-on Bluetooth adapter for Palm V handhelds, it allows you to connect and synchronize wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.It operates on the Palm OS 3.5.2, and is compliant to Bluetooth 1.1 specifications. It is programmable for specific national regulations and operates within a range of 10 meters. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

TDK Systems
Company Website
Based in North London, UK, the company focuses on providing wired to wireless connectivity products.

Blue5 is an adapter for the Palm V or Vx that allows it to communicate via Bluetooth and other Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones and Laptops. It is powered by the Palm battery, and enables a number of functions of a mobile including the ability to access internet information.

BlueM is a clip on connector for the Palm m505, m500, m215 or IBM WorkPad c500 series It enables the use of Bluetooth to allow the PDA to wirelessly use to the internet, do e-mail and connect other Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones and Laptops. Click here to download a PDF file on this product.

Xircom Inc. (An Intel Company)
Company Website

Xircom designs and develops connectivity solutions to enable mobile users to access corporate networks, the Internet and Intranets, selling product in over 100 countries.  Xircom is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, Calif., with regional headquarters in Belgium, Japan and Singapore, has nearly 2000 employees worldwide. The company was acquired by Intel in March 2001.

SpringPort Wireless Data can connect a user Handspring Visor Handheld to a GSM mobile phone

SpringPort Bluetooth Module allows the user to link their Handspring Visor Handheld to their mobile phone, printer or other Bluetooth enabled devices within a PAN without cables.


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