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Bluetooth Wireless LAN

Suppliers of closely combined Bluetooth Wireless LAN (802.11) products
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Bandspeed Inc.  
Company Website
Bandspeed, Inc., a broadband technology company, delivers transceiver solutions for reliably connecting the broadband edge. Its proprietary signal processing systems for interference mitigation and signal recovery facilitate broadband deployment and performance.

Bandspeed provides Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology that enables Bluetooth devices to coexist with wireless LANs.  Bandspeed's AFH technology has been adopted by the IEEE 802.15.2-working group as the recommended approach for Bluetooth coexistence with 802.11b wireless LANs.  Working with Open Interface, Bandspeed's AFH solution is a low-complexity co-existence technique which will allow Bluetooth and 802.11 radios to operate simultaneously in close proximity or even within a common module.  This development promises to be good for both Bluetooth and 802.11 - without co-existence solutions mutual interference could have threatened the market success of both.  Hardware and software implementations of AFH are currently under development by both companies.

Mobilian Corp
Company Website
Mobilian is a wireless systems company that designs and develops embedded software, analog & digital integrated circuits

TrueRadio system is a multi-standard wireless solution that integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies into a cost-effective, two-chip solution. The TrueRadio system provides simultaneous operation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The TrueRadio system comprises 4 parts: an analog chip (TrueRadio Analog MN22100); a digital chip (TrueRadio Digital MN12100); firmware and host software, containing the drivers needed for different operating systems; and a production-level configuration, monitoring and diagnostic tool. Click here for further details about the solution and it's components (PDF File).

Pan Asian Telecom
Company Website

Wireless access point product for bluetooth, 802.11a/b.

Company Website
Possio works with development and production of products for digital cellular networks. The company looks to combine different technologies including Bluetooth for its solutions. 

Current Bluetooth related products include:
Possio PX20 is an access point which combines both Bluetooth and WLAN into a single device.  It thus enables users of Bluetooth-devices ( such as handheld computers, smart phones and industrial devices) to access the Internet or intranet networks wherever they may be installed - eg in coffee shops, hotels, airports, offices or at home. 

Features including the abilities to synchronise e-mail and files, access streaming media such as video and radio, network games or manage personal businesses. A white paper on the PX20 can be found by clicking here. (PDF File)

Company Website
Red-M was founded as an internal start-up of Madge Networks N.V. and is focused on enabling Bluetooth and internet technologies for mobile data, voice and video services in the workplace.

Genos is a architecture and suite of wirelessware products that provide the underlying technology to enable the advanced capabilities of wireless networking to be implemented combined with the ability to manage and maintain security and specificaly permits integration between Bluetooth and 802.11 networks.

Silicon Wave
Company website
Based in San Diego, Silicon Wave designs and produces RF communication system components including baseband, radio modem and software solutions for Bluetooth wireless communications. 

Blue802 Technology, Silicon Wave and Intersil have developed Blue802 technology, a real-time communications interface at the MAC layer that is transparent to the notebook PC or portable device user. Data can be transmitted without interference while optimizing system throughput, range, and responsiveness. This enables Bluetooth applications such as mouse, keyboard, printing, file transfer and portable device synchronization to run at the same time the user is connected to the network over Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b).

Dual-Mode Mini-PCI Reference Design features Blue802 technology and combines both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless functions on a single mini-PCI card. The reference design allows OEMs to quickly bring mini-PCI cards to market at a lower cost than implementing separate modules. The reference design allows both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios to share the same PCB, host interface and antennas, saving integration and material costs. Incorporating Silicon Wave's Bluetooth qualified SiW1700™ series and Intersil's PRISM® 3 chipset featuring direct conversion technology, the reference design is optimized for low cost and high performance.

SuperBT Canada, Inc
Company Website

SuperBT develop and sell wireless access points as well as Bluetooth USB adapters.

Wireless Access Point SBT-2000 provides wireless access to the internet from Bluetooth and 802.11b devices. The network cable connection will be shared by wireless clients.

Wireless Networks       
Company Website
WNI creates wireless solutions to enable people to communicate

Universal Access Point (UAP)
delivers all the features and functionality of BlueLAN. It is designed to simultaneously support both Bluetooth and 802.11a wireless connections. This will allow high speed data and video connections to mobile devices. The UAP will support routing and firewalling to both wired and wireless devices. Since Bluetooth and 802.11a occupy different frequency bands, there are no interference issues.


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