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Bluetooth Test Equipment

Suppliers of Bluetooth Test Equipment
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company website

Agilent Technologies was created as a result of a corporate realignment from Hewlett-Packard. It focuses on four markets: test and measurement, semiconductor products, healthcare solutions and chemical analysis, with support from central laboratory. Agilent's has a large range of Bluetooth solutions, specifically for designing and manufacturing Bluetooth products. These include the following:

E1852A Bluetooth Test Set
The Agilent E1852A Bluetooth Test Set allows verification of  the functionality and performance of Bluetooth devices, with the ability to control the device under test through the RF interface.
Download Data Sheet, 627K
Download Brochure, 2.5MB

E1852B Bluetooth Test Set 
This upgraded testset was introduced December 2001.
The E1852B has enhanced connectivity, new measurement capabilities and improved specifications. Plug-and-play drivers are provided to aid test development in a familiar programming environment. Both GPIB and parallel ports are supported in the E1852B to ensure smooth integration into automated test systems.
Data sheet 2.5MB
Photo 1.8MB

ADS (Advanced Design System) is an electronic design automation software system. It offers design integration for products such as cellular and portable phones, pagers, wireless networks, and radar and satellite communications systems.

ESG-D and ESG-DP series as a range of RF signal generators provide a range of analog and digital modulation capabilities, including W-CDMA, cdma2000, cdmaOne, EDGE, GSM, and Bluetooth.
ESG-D / DP Series Analog and Digital RF Signal Generator produces standard based Bluetooth signals (both normal and impaired) for performing RF tests on the Bluetooth radio. The Optional BER analyzer provides basic bit-error-rate capabilities required to test Bluetooth receivers and Bluetooth modules operating in loopback mode.

Signal Studio Software Used is a suite of PC based software tools used to create waveforms for popular communication formats and is designed to work with the Agilent ESG digital series.

89600 series PC-based vector signal analyzer family offers signal analysis, modulation quality measurements and error signal analysis for identifying and correcting impairments throughout a digital radio, or analyzing a transmitted digitally modulated signal. It is suited for applications such as LMDS or wideband wireless LAN design, or signal monitoring applications such as satellite or surveillance. 

89400 Series are a range of Vector Signal Analyzers used to integrate time, frequency and modulation-domain analysis to provide the measurements of time-varying signals. 

ESA-E and ESA-L series spectrum analyzers - Bluetooth option available. The ESA-E series offer a range of measurement capabilities suitable for the job of an RF engineer in R&D, manufacturing or field service. Whilst the ESA-L is suitable for application. requiring basic spectrum analysis. For details of the ESA-E measurement solutions click here. ESG-D / DP Series Analog and Digital RF Signal Generator produces standard based Bluetooth signals (both normal and impaired) for performing RF tests on the Bluetooth radio. The Optional BER analyzer provides basic bit-error-rate capabilities required to test Bluetooth receivers and Bluetooth modules operating in loopback mode.

Agilent ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer with Bluetooth Measurement Personality. This product provides a rich suite of "one-button" measurements for Bluetooth RF transmitter. The measurements include: output power, initial carrier frequency tolerance (ICFT), frequency drift, modulation characteristics, output spectrum- 20 dB bandwidth and adjacent channel power (ACP) measurement.

54620 series oscilloscopes offer 2+16-channel mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) models as well as the traditional 2- and 4-channel models with abilities needed for verifying and debugging mixed analog and digital designs.

16702B logic analysis system uses a touch screen with a windowed interface. It provides access to logic analysis functions and displays, as well as simultaneous views of system activity. The display can also show more waveforms or states at once.

E5900B emulation probes provide access to the on-chip debug port of popular microprocessors and microcontrollers. The emulation probes may be used stand-alone or fully integrated with Agilent 16700 Series logic analysis systems.

E4416A single channel EPM-P series is used for power meter, for peak, average, peak-to-average ratio and time-gated measurements by using the E9320 peak and average power sensors. It is also compatible with all 8480 and E-series power sensors.

E4417A dual channel EPM-P series power meter, is designed for peak, average, peak-to-average ratio and time-gated measurements, using the E9320 peak and average power sensors. It is also compatible with all 8480 and E-series power sensors.

E9322A peak and average power sensor, 50 MHz to 6 GHz, 1.5 MHz bandwidth, is used with the EPM-P series power meters and E9288A-C sensor cables.

E36xxA Series power supplies provides tight regulation (around 0.01%), fast transient response (<50 s) and low ripple and noise (down to <1 mVrms).

663xx Mobile Communications dc Sources are suited for testing digital wireless communications products due to power output and instant peak measurement capability.

93000 SOC Series Test Systems offer a complete single scalable system-on-a-chip (SOC) test solution for Bluetooth device testing and i
s able to test a broad range of applications. The Agilent 93000 SOC Series with RF Measurement Suite, configurable for Bluetooth applications, provides the capability required for fast, accurate and repeatable Bluetooth radio modem integrated circuit (IC) testing.

Alltest Instruments, Inc.
Company Website

Distributor of high performance electronic test & measurement equipment for the telecommunications industry.

R&S CMU200 Universal Radio Communications Analyzer
The CMU200 is Used in Production by Many of the World's Leading Cell Phone Manufacturers Intuitive Menus and Best-in-class Graphical Display of Results: The CMU is Easy to Use, Reducing Training Costs Built-in Spectrum Analyzer and Extensive Functionality: The CMU200 is a One-box Solution that Eliminates the Need For Additional Instruments in Production and Design.

Anritsu Limited
Company Website

Anritsu supplies test & measurement equipment to the  European telecommunications and electronics industry, as well as high speed and laser devices. Anritsu has also supplied industrial products within the pharmaceutical and food industries.

MT8850a Bluetooth Tester is specifically designed to test the RF performance of any Bluetooth radio according to the RF Test Specification. It features a reference Bluetooth radio including full dirty transmitter implementation. To download the product PDF file click here.

Anritsu also offer a range of services. This includes Applied Solutions, for the provision of test and monitoring systems and solutions.  The company can also arrange and organize training in various areas.

Arca Technologies          
Company Website

This UK based firm, addresses a number of technologies including Bluetooth, Frame Relay, DSL technologies as well as ISDN BRI and PRI simulators. It specialises in new technologies including creating a range of test equipment for Bluetooth.

Arca Wavecatcher, Bluetooth Profile Simulator simulates the behavior of an active Bluetooth device allowing test technicians and developers to quickly and easily generate, test and analyse Bluetooth traffic.

Arca|Serialcatcher Bluetooth protocol analyzer is the is a powerful non-intrusive testing tool for developers of Bluetooth products. It taps into the users serial/UART port, captures the data traveling between your Bluetooth module and your host controller and provides a detailed decode of HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, TCS and OBEX protocols.

Berkeley Varitronics    
Company Website
Berkeley Varitronics Systems develops and manufactures wireless test equipment for propagation analysis for pedestrian, vehicular and laboratory environments, specializing  in CDMA and WLAN, as well as CW and TDMA. Berkeley offers a wide range of transmitters, receivers, channel sounders, frequency sources and PN scanners.   In Bluetooth they currently have a new product in development:
Mantis Bluetooth Receiver

Company website
CATC is a provider of advanced verification systems and connectivity solutions for existing and emerging digital communications standards such as Bluetooth wireless technology, Ethernet, IEEE 1394 (Firewire, iLink), InfiniBand and Universal Serial Bus (USB).

Merlin, a Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer
Merlin, a first generation Bluetooth wireless protocol analyzer, was introduced in 1Q 2000. It was the first analyzer for the Bluetooth standard delivered to the market. Merlin is a non-intrusive design verification system that provides Bluetooth network traffic capture, display and analysis. It is a non-intrusive testing tool for capturing and displaying Bluetooth piconet data. It uses hardware triggering to capture real-time events and hardware filtering to preserve memory and assist in pinpointing.

Merlin's Wand, a Bluetooth Test Generator
Merlin's Wand is a Bluetooth test generator with the ability to generate a wide range of Bluetooth traffic quickly and easily. With intuitive and flexible GUI based tools, Merlin's Wand allows users to establish simple Bluetooth connections, emulate profiles, execute individual Bluetooth commands, and create automated test sequences. When used in conjunction with the Merlin Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer, users are able to gain valuable insight into particular points of interest or problems within their Bluetooth test environment.

CETECOM S.A.                   
Company Website
CETECOM, S.A. works in the global solutions for the industrial, technological and services field. The company is specially focused on Bluetooth technology. CETECOM network has been involved in the development of the test specifications for the Qualification Program in a close co-operation with the SIG.

BITE (Bluetooth Qualification Testers)
this is a family of modern, automatic and integrated Conformance Testers to Qualify Bluetooth products: BITE Protocol Profile Tester, BITE Engineering Tester, BITE Blue Unit Tester and BITE RF Tester. BITE demos can be downloaded from their web site.

Computer Bus Tools
Company Website

Computer Bus Tools provides consultative selling and service to the computer, telecommunications and other high-tech industries utilizing related "Bus-Type" technologies. 

Bluetooth Analyzer Wireless BX1000 is a tool for Bluetooth designers.  BX1000 is connected to an external PC through USB interface to provides various analysis functions needed for Bluetooth system design.

Bluetooth Analyzer Wired SerialBlue captures and analyzes Bluetooth serial data as it travels between a host and a host controller.  SerialBlue it is specifically designed for developers and test engineers.

Conformance and interoperability tester BlueTester, BQB Qualified Protocol Stack (SDL/C Source Code), Reference Design, Comprehensive Profiles, Protocol Analyzer --- BlueAnalyzer, Testing Service and Qualification Support, Design Service, OS porting Assistance, IVT Bluelet Software Suite.

Frontline Test Equipment
Company Website

Frontline develops and markets products designed to troubleshoot and test data communications networks. 

SerialBlue Bluetooth Analyzer can capture and analyze Bluetooth serial data as it travels between a host and a host controller. It is suitable for developers and test engineers and can be used to shrink design cycles and debug time. Analyzer for Bluetooth protocols including HCI UART, L2CAP and BlueCore Serial Protocol. SerialBlue captures serial data as it traverses the link between a Bluetooth host and host controller and analyzes data frames at the bit level.

Hyper Corp
Company website

Hyper Corp provide Bluetooth Qualification Services, enabling product manufacturers to use the Bluetooth interoperability logo on products and advertising material.  They were thefirst appointed Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) in North America.

BlueVision Profile Interoperability Tester allows testing interoperability of the enabled profiles for products implementing Bluetooth wireless technology. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

BlueVision RF Development and Conformance Test System for Bluetooth Wireless Technology provides Manufacturers a tool to perform qualification testing. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

IVT Corporation
Company website
IVT is a worldwide leader in providing a full range of Bluetooth solutions, including protocol stack source code, profiles source code, protocol analyzer, interoperabiltiy & conformance testers and a variety of reference designs. IVT has sales offices in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and R&D center in China.

A tool for analyzing Bluetooth protocols. All of the real-time data units in the Bluetooth protocols are intercepted, decoded and displayed on a Message Sequence Chart. Detailed data units and decoding information are also logged in the trace window in real time. In addition, the online HTML helps the system to save time in looking up the explanation of the data units. Developers can easily find out whether the protocol stack is functioning or not. It can be used  for debugging and data logging.
* Direct real-time MSC chart tracing
* Detailed message and PDU decoding information
* Powerful online HTML help reference on Bluetooth PDU

BlueTester is a powerful test execution and analyzing tool for the development of Bluetooth profiles and protocol levels. It can be set to automatically execute test case scripts and compare testing output results with expected results. It contains an integrated platform to generate complete and detailed testing reports required for official Bluetooth qualification.

Blue Unit testing
* L2CAP, SDP, GAP, SPP conformance testing
* Automatic & manual execution of Bluetooth test cases
* Direct real-time MSC chart tracing
* Detailed message and PDU decoding information
* Automatic generation of test reports for analysis and Bluetooth qualification
* Powerful online HTML help reference on Bluetooth PDU

Keithley Instruments
Company Website
Keithley provides strength in electrical measurement solutions for research, Keithley has become a involved in production test technology in fields of global communications, semiconductors, and components manufacturing.

Model 7090. The 7090 Optical Switch Card family makes accurate connections from one fiber channel to either four or eight fiber channels. With existing Series 7001/7002 switch cards, these optical switches allow for hybrid switching combinations of optical, RF, and DC signals within a single mainframe.

Model 2306. Model 2302 Battery Simulator and Model 2306 Dual Channel Battery/Charger Simulator are the ideal solution for production testing of portable, battery-operated products and telecommunication devices. Fast transient response and variable output resistance enable engineers to test products under the most realistic operating conditions.

Model 2430. The Model 2430 1kW Pulse SourceMeter offers DC source and measurement, plus a unique 1kW pulse mode ideal for measuring the breakdown voltage of high-power semiconductor components. Bipolar voltage and current sourcing of up to 10A @ 100V (pulsed) can be programmed to produce individual pulses or pulse trains up to 2.5ms wide, with varying duty cycles up to 2.5ms with varying duty cycles.

Maxsys Technologies   
Company Website
Maxsys provide Test and Measurement solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. The company has been involved in many projects for clients in the commercial products, industrial equipment, aerospace and biomedical industries. The company also has a close relationship with Agilent, with some Bluetooth solutions based on Agilent technology.

BlueMAX-Model I Bluetooth Test System
is designed to help the manufacturer create, develop, and test wireless products for Bluetooth certifi-cation, It is a complete system embracing every phase of the Bluetooth product lifecycle, from R&D to pre-compliance (validation) to man-ufacturing test to quality assurance. It is built on the BlueMAX platform, Agilent instru-mentation and switches. 
BlueMAX-Model II Bluetooth is designed to help manufacturer create products where quality and cost are both critical, the BlueMAX-Model II concentrates on the efficiencies of production test, to ensure your product quality stays on track and the manufacturer's budget stays under control. 
BlueMAX-Model III Bluetooth High-volume/Manufacturing Test System is designed specifically for performing streamlined tests to keep costs low and throughput high.

Maxsys also have an older range of Bluetooth products known as the Maxsys BlueMAX ATE Series Advanced Bluetooth Test Platform. For further details click here.

Company Website 
Mobiwave started as a technology focused operation in August 2000, the company have since grown into a business founded on a strong line of products. The company offer solutions to leverage on  wired and wireless investments.

Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer,  BPA-D10 is a non-intrusive Bluetooth protocol analyzer that analyzes protocol packets inclusive of LM, L2CAP, SDP, TCS, RFCOMM, AT, HDLC, PPP, OBEX, BNEP, HCRP, HID and Baseband information. The highly intuitive GUI displays clearly the protocol layers, on top of one another in message sequence chart. Each protocol layer is further broken down into readable fields following Bluetooth specifications for ease of checking. The extended features like SmartDecryptTM for seamless decryption in noisy environment, audio playback of SCO packets and PCAP format file export for BNEP and PPP, further assist applications developers in shortening their development and product’s time to market. Click here to download a PDF file on this product.

Company Website

As a pan-European distributor of Bluetooth technology products, Nohau has offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Products offered include Bluetooth protocol analyzers and test generators from CATC, Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from Adamya and Bluetooth connectivity products for industrial applications from connectBlue. Nohau also runs regular seminars and training courses on all aspects of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Open Interface        
Company website
Open Interface North America was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2000, with the goal of bringing the Japan-based parent company's Bluetooth development efforts to a worldwide market.  Open Interface is developing Bluetooth wireless technology for the world PC market. 

BlueSleuth Software Analyzer - This software analyzer equipment has been designed by Open Interface to simplify the testing and troubleshooting process and is included as part of their BlueMagic Evaluation Kit 2.0.   It features a user-friendly interface to make the debugging and troubleshooting process simpler, as well as assist in each stage of development by capturing relevant information.

Rohde & Schwarz Bluetooth Testing
Company Website
The company provides Bluetooth testing equipment for development, qualification and production.

AMIQ - The AMIQ is a dual-channel modulation generator that has been designed for use as an I/Q source. The AMIQ outputs I/Q baseband signals or can generate an IF signal (up to 25 MHz). Suitable for product development and production

SMIQ - Vector signal generator. Suitable for product development and production

FSIQ - Provides in a single unit comprehensive and easy-to-use measurement functions in the frequency, time and modulation domains. Suitable for product development and production

R3267/73 - General purpose spectrum analyzer with high signal purity and high dynamic range.  Suitable for product development and production

FSP - General purpose spectrum analyzer.  Suitable for product development and production

CMU - Compact universal radio communication tester,  a multimode tester for current and future mobile radio networks - suitable for development and production testing

PTW60 - Protocol Tester PTW60 for Bluetooth Solutions, suitable for development and qualification (type approval) testing. The tester is both a verified tool for Bluetooth protocol/profile qualification and an R&D test and measurement instrument for Bluetooth product development.   The PTW60 provides execution of the current SIG Bluetooth protocol and profile tests and allows definition and adaptation of  the TTCN ATCs according to individual requirements to create new test scenarios.   The PTW60 will also be able to execute future protocol and profile tests.

TS8960 - Air interface measurements test system - suitable for qualification testing. 

TS7160 -
Production Test Platform.  Built upon the CMU200 and versatile CompactPCI/PXI tester. Download PDF file on this product.

- Air interface measurements test system - suitable for development testing. Upgrade possible to TS8960. Download PDF file on this product.

RTX Telecom
Company website
RTX are suppliers of total product development solutions, with emphasis on wireless communications standards.   Their Bluetooth test equipment designs are used by at least one  major text equipment manufacturer.

Company Website
Tektronix provides a broad range of test, measurement and monitoring equipment for global communications networks.

Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer, is designed for debug of Problems Related to New Application Software Integration, Acts as a Known Reference and Debug/Test Device When Bringing Up New Baseband/Radio Module, Interoperability Testing, and Consistency in Testing Using the HCI Terminal Application with Scripting Capability.

PTW60 Bluetooth Protocol Tester intended for users with final stage Bluetooth designs including protocol layer SW will need to verify conformance to Executable Test Cases (ETC) developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). These test cases require exercising the device under test in a series of specified real-world conditions. It is necessary to operate the DUT via the air interface in a live piconet to achieve this level of test. The PTW60 operates as master in up to two piconets and provides test mode signaling and the ability to inject custom messages in addition to running the ETCs specified by the SIG. Product Summary - PDF.

TS8960 Bluetooth Qualification Measurement System is a qualification measurement system that is based on the Bluetooth Core Specification 1.0 and the Bluetooth RF Test Specification 0.7 (as of Dec. 1999) which contains the obligatory RF measurements for the qualification of Bluetooth devices. The system can be used for both conformance testing and the wider role of testing during the development phase and quality assurance process. For these purposes the parameters of the test cases can be changed in a wide range.

CMU200 Radio Tester for Bluetooth Production Applications is designed for production, development and maintenance of any kind of devices with integrated Bluetooth wireless Technology, the Universal Radio Communication Tester CMU with the Bluetooth option. Product Summary - PDF.

TLA Logic Analyzers for Bluetooth Design and Debug intended for design teams integrating Bluetooth technology that need breakthrough tools to debug, verify and optimize their system operation in order to meet aggressive development schedules. The Tektronix TLA Logic Analyzers enable hardware and software designers to control, monitor, capture and analyze real-time system operation in order to debug, verify and optimize their system.

TDS3000 family of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes for Bluetooth Design offers the combination of bandwidth, input sensitivity, and sample rate for Bluetooth design and troubleshooting applications. Product Summary - PDF.

AMIQ/SMIQ RF Signal Sources for Bluetooth Design Validation intended for component designers (e.g. mixers, oscillators, modulators and amplifiers) frequently need to provide stimulus to the DUT prior to the availability of a Bluetooth signal in their system. The SMIQ series signal generators and AMIQ arbitrary waveform generators enable these tests: Demodulator testing: Provides Bluetooth specified signals for testing of demodulation accuracy, including specified synchronization words and test data sequences, Amplifier Occupied BW and spurious tests: Provides hopping signals with correct spectral shape and hopping sequences, Receiver tests: Provides specified Psuedo-random bit sequence (PRBS) data for testing of receiver performance. AMIQ can be used to create CW and modulated carriers for blocking and adjacent channel rejection tests.

WCA380 Real-time spectrum analyzer for Debugging Bluetooth Design, with the ability to capture signals in multiple domains, enables the user to evaluate the following: Transient interference over an instantaneous 30 MHz BW, Oscillator and PLL performance evaluation.

R3267 Spectrum Analyzer for Bluetooth Design and Integration intended for Bluetooth HW and component designers who need to verify the proper operation of components purchased from third parties will find that the R3267 and R3273, high performance vector/spectrum analyzers from Advantest, are optimized for Bluetooth physical layer testing. Option 66 for these units enables the customer to perform the following measurements to the standard in a one-button fashion, with no detailed knowledge of the standard required.

AWG2021 Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Bluetooth Signal Validation simulate modulated baseband signals to verify the operation of demodulators, mixers, the DSP, and other elements within the radio. Product Summary.

R3131 Spectrum Analyzer for Bluetooth Production Applications intended for Bluetooth device manufacturers which need to perform basic RF conformance tests on an ongoing basis. For these tests, including Occupied BW (OBW), Output Power and spectrum occupancy, a wide variety of spectrum analyzers can be used. The R3131 is geared for low-cost manufacturing use. Product Summary.

Company website
A large Japanese company (Yen310bn turnover 2000) active in a wide range of areas, including Bluetooth test & measurement

BX1000 Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer  -  the BX1000 tool is connected with an external PC through USB interface. BX1000 Analysis Software on external PC provides various analysis functions for the Bluetooth system. It can form a piconet, and analyze the connection status and information of each Bluetooth units in a piconet. BX1000 can generate HCI commands and sequence of them, and also can receive HCI commands simultaneously. All data is displayed on BX1000 software in an easily readable format so that an engineer can easily understand the behaviour of the devices in the piconet .


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