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Bluetooth Security

Bluetooth Tracking, Tagging & Security Products  

Suppliers of Bluetooth Security, Tagging & Products
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website
Baracoda supplies innovative solutions facilitating the integration of Bluetooth technology in electronic devices.

Barcoda Pencil is a Wireless Barcode Reader, it works with PC, PDA, LAN, Mobile Phones, etc. Possible applications include: Inventory, Home Shopping, Billing Solution, Delivery tracking, Supplies replenishment, On-store information and Mobile Shopping. The main features include: Dimensions: 112 mm x 16mm x 25mm (4,40 in x 0,6 in x 0,98 in), Weight: 42g (1,48 oz), Battery: NimH - 3,6V - 80mAh, Capability: up to 500 scans, Operating Temperature: 0to 40C (32 to 104F), Storage Temperature: -20 to +50C (-4 to 122F).

Barcoda Scan is a Wireless CCD Scanner that provides you with a solution for barcode applications in complete wireless infrastructures. Possible applications include: POS, Inventory, Warehousing, Delivery tracking. 

Bluesoft Inc.                    
Company Website

Founded in 1999, Bluesoft provides distance measuring and location finding technology to support a range of innovative applications with Bluetooth products, partnering with product suppliers.  For details of their offerings see our Applications Software Page.

Company Website

Bluetagme provides registration services to enhance recovery and tracking of lost or stolen property, including baggage tracking and tracking of childern in ameusement parks using Bluetooth and other global wireless communication networks in the United States.

Company Website

The core of BlueTags concept lays a pending patent based on the capability of using Bluetooth wireless technology in tracking, monitoring and identification of objects or personnel as well as their movement within a predefined range. As a technology house BlueTags aspires to enter into partnerships with solution providers and application providers within different business areas.

BlueTags will offer two generic Bluetooth tags, one for person tracking and one for asset tracking. The generic tags can, through customization, can be used for multiple applications. The BlueTags system consists of an intelligent tag based on Bluetooth wireless technology, which, in addition to allowing data storage, can function as a communicative link between devices, such as mobile phones, PDA's, Bluetooth networks.

The potential uses for the BlueTags include, but are not restricted to, the following: the travel industry, healthcare, transport/logistics and M-commerce.

Ensure Technologies
Company Website
Headquartered in Michigan, Ensure Technologies is focused on providing intelligent digital information security solutions designed to protect an organization’s intellectual property and physical computing assets from internal security breaches.

Xyloc - this a wireless PC security solution that will allow Bluetooth devices to positively recognize and identify authorized users and make Bluetooth phones and PDAs more convenient to use. It allows network managers to easily load and manage digital certificates on any Bluetooth PC, phone or PDA, which will add robust security features to Bluetooth devices.

IDmicro RF Systems
Company Website

IDmicro produce a number of innovative solutions for specific markets making use of 2.45 GHz  technology. The company focuses on offering turn-key systems, integration into existing systems, and complete project design and implementation from start to finish.  It intends to migrate some of these solutions to use Bluetooth technology although to date they appear not to have yet done so. Their current list of products perhaps indicates the potential for Bluetooth in this field.

Current IDmicro products include:
E-Valet is suitable for parked cars and their owners. It automatically locates the car and allows the owner to get to the car in less time than conventional methods.
Vertical Advantage is a solution suitable for keeping track of skiers and enabling data to be gained from it, for uses such as member/club competitions, this can be used to increase ski resort revenue and the number of annual skier visits. 
Speedpark is a hands-free parking solution that moves people in and out of parking facilities quickly and easily without the need for tickets.
Asset Tracker is the wireless way to manage your inventory, though the use of tagging the owners objects. 
Speedscale is a solution that enables an automated truck scale system to run 24 hours a day.
Morphotouch is a portable open search finger imaging system which is suitable increasing security in situations and point of sale. 
OTIS is used as a Odometer and Truck Identification System. 
FleetFueling is a wireless solution for mobile fueling. 
Readers provide the communication functions and antennas necessary for a wireless identification system. They currently have two types, the M4120(PDF File) which is a long-range reader and their Master Reader LR.
10ML Smart Tag allows the owner of their object to be tagged and tracked. 

Lesswire AG
Company Website
Lesswire AG develops and markets systems for location awareness and and wireless communication.

LocalNavigator is a modular system comprised of a number of hardware and software components. These include the LocalNavigator platform, the LocalNavigator Bluetooth Base Station, the LocalNavigator IrDA Beacon, and the LocalNavigator PalmtopGuide. Click here to download a zip file on the company and its products. It is suitable for local areas such as trade fairs, museums, hotels, convention centers and shopping malls, train stations and airports. In these places the LocalNavigator provides information services, navigation assistance, and mobile Internet access.

Bluetooth Base Station is a wireless gateway to the Internet that also provides facilities for the locating and tracking of its mobile client devices. It uses a method of filtering information to improve wireless network performance. Features inlcude: 10m range (upgradable to 100m), Bluetooth V1.1, Clients served: 7 active parallel, 255 parked, uses LAN protocol IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), supported profiles:LAN Access, Power Consumption:< 400 mA, Dimensions:158 x 95 x 33 mm, Weight:250 grams.

LocalNavigator Platform. The LN Core is the engine of the LocalNavigator, generating location events for a predefined area. When a mobile device, such as a PDA or mobile phone, changes location, the LN Core checks if any of the location-based events in which clients have expressed an interest have occurred. If they have, the LN Core sends notifications to the interested client(s). The LN Core provides two general types of service, firstly delivering notifications when a certain location event occurs, e.g ”tell me when Jane enters her office”, or secondly processing a wide range of explicit location queries from the client, e.g. ”where is Jane now?”. See picture of Platform Diagram.


Wireless Multimedia - CCTV, Telemedicine, Avatars

Surveillance Cameras
Wireless CCTV security cameras working over 2G (GSM, CDMA), 2.5G (HSCSD, TETRA, GPRS) 3G (UMTS) 4G (802.11 Bluetooth), monitoring on PC, PDA and MMS Phone

Company Website
The company offers a patented solution using frangible radio frequency technologies to identify, track and return objects. The product received a "Most Innovative Use of the Bluetooth Technology" award nomination at the 2001 Bluetooth Congress Awards. ReturnMe provides solutions to travel industry, healthcare, logistics and M-commerce partners.

Company Website

Hardlite 625 Bluetooth Briefcase - can be used to carry vital information, using the Bluetooth chip to communicate with relevant Bluetooth enabled devices (e.g. flight information or connections). It also has an anti-theft capability that tells the owner if the brefcase is being removed, it also includes a security chip that contains information on the owner and identification details. The bag can be used to communicate with the owner as well.

Company Website
Zebra Technologies Corporation provides thermal transfer and direct thermal bar code label printers, secure card printing systems, plastic card printers, supplies and bar coding integration and label design software for automatic identification and plastic card personalization applications. 


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