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Bluetooth Public Access Infrastructure

To make the site easier to navigate we have restructured our previously-entitled 'Access Points' page into several new pages, reflecting different applications.  Of course, many products can fulfill different applications, so you may also wish to check these related pages:
Public Access Infrastructure
Enterprise Infrastructure
Residential DSL & ISDN Access Points

If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website

Aptilo Networks is a Swedish company founded in June 2001 as a spinout from the former Mobile Internet division within Axis Communications. Aptilo Networks is a provider of solutions such as the Mobile Access Server that has been developed to meet the emerging requirements from operators of unlicensed mobile networks including local area owners, wireless ISPs', mobile operators.

Aptilo Mobile Access Server manages and optimizes network connections, provides secure access and service management for individual users, and tracks the location of client devices for delivery of location-dependent services over wireless technologies of Bluetooth or wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11). The solution can be used in various locations such as Airports, Hotels, and at Conferences. The server can verify users centrally, control access rights, generate user data, facilitate positioning services and monitor the local networks. The server also has an interface for external billing and customer-care systems.

Payment Server -  provides network owners with a simple method of offering ad-hoc users access to the Internet and local network services using secure credit card payments, payments via mobile phone invoices and other established electronic payment methods.

Bluetooth Access Point Controller - allows one or several access points to cover a "hot spot," offering the possibility for network owners to handle temporary users and registered subscribers regardless of connection method - WLAN, Bluetooth or wireline connection.

Company Website
BluePosition is specialised in Bluetooth Location Based Service applications for the Enterprise and the Telecommunications carrier market.

Bluetooth Location Information System
BLIS4 is a next generation mobility solution, which obtains a subscriber's location and presence data from a combination of Bluetooth Access Points and Bluetooth enabled handheld devices. The built-in positioning capability of the BLIS4Platform divides the numerous Access Points into Positions, Zones and Locations, thereby providing an intelligent virtual map of the building or campus, in which the Access Points are installed.

Company Website
Commil is an Israeli-based company providing a Bluetooth network infrastructure with seamless handover of active sessions between access points. The company delivers wireless communication infrastructure, that expands upon Bluetooth wireless technology.  Recently announced teaming with Alcatel - see the report about this on the Bluetooth Congress Report.

Ericsson Bluetooth Networks
Company website
Bluetooth Networks is a venture within Ericsson Business Innovation, a highly skilled team developing and providing wireless systems based on the Bluetooth technology. Their  market focus is global, with a large portfolio of conducted trials with selected partners worldwide: Shell, ICA (a major Swedish retail chain), SJ (the Swedish national railways), SEB/Euro card, and a Bluetooth launch trial that has been conducted in Japan.

BlipNet 1.0  - a Bluetooth Access System. BlipNet is a Bluetooth based access system that enables application developers to create new value adding applications, opening up for completely new ways of communicating with the customers.  BlipNet will be used by Enterprises and Operators to extend business opportunities by delivering information and services to the customer at the right place at the right time or by increasing efficiency of own operations.

The product consists of a the BlipServer SW and a virtually unlimited number of BlipNode access points. The BlipServer and the BlipNodes connect using the standard corporate LAN or even the internet. The system is controlled from a BlipManager, a simple and easy-to-use management interface.

BlipServer: This is the core component of BlipNet, and it has a feature-rich JAVA API (Application Programming Interface) which makes it possible for third party developers to interface with the BlipNet and create custom applications.

BlipNode: A point-to multipoint access point with full Bluetooth performance supporting a large number of profiles, which makes many different applications possible.

BLIP C11 - Bluetooth Local Infotainment Point
Bluetooth based access point, containing WAP and Web servers, based on LAN access profile.  Stand-alone and LAN access operation.

eXI Wireless Inc
Company Website

eXI Wireless is involved in research, development, and marketing of wireless communications as well as connectivity solutions for business and personal convenience.

eXI Bluetooth Area Network creates a wireless network based on Bluetooth wireless technology. The eXI Bluetooth Area Network (BAN) will enable a new range of mobile and wireless applications for public spaces such as retail complexes, hotels, airports, and the workplace. The system will support an array of services including data, voice and video. Download Network White Paper PDF.

Company Website
Netario concentrate on providing the public access infrastructure in city centres to become a pan-European Bluetooth Solutions provider. 

The company is currently developing a solution in Manchester city centre in the UK to enable wireless voice and data services. The company also has plans for the system to be implemented into a further 12 European cities.

Company Website
Tadlys focuses on developing gateways and network infrastructure based on Bluetooth wireless technology. Tadlys' Bluetooth Access Network (TBAN) system supports video, data and voice services, of wireless devices and fixed network resources. The solution allows mobile devices to connect to private and public networks through Bluetooth Access Points, for e-mail, internet browsing and other services. It uses a Linux-based Protocol Stack.

Tadlys' Bluetooth Access Network (TBAN)  system supports video, data and voice services, of wireless devices and fixed network resources. The solution allows mobile devices to connect to private and public networks through Bluetooth Access Points, for e-mail, internet browsing and other services. It uses a Linux-based Protocol Stack.

TBAN Operator Systems are large scale Bluetooth Networks, whichintegrate into a mobile or landline operator’s network and allow the best bandwidth for public places and other “hotspots” such as airports, railway stations, shopping centers and office buildings.


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