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Bluetooth Printer

Bluetooth Enabled Printers  

Suppliers of Bluetooth Printers
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website

Anycom provides users with an end-to-end wireless solutions using Bluetooth technology via a range of products which include client devices, printer modules, and access points.

PM-2000 Bluetooth Printer Module supports printing over a wireless link using Bluetooth wireless technology, and attaches to the parallel port enabling short distance (10 metre) mobile printing from
desktops, laptops, PDAs, and Windows CE-based devices.  Shipping since Dec 2000.

Printing For PocketPC Solution Kit allows a user's handheld or laptop computer, Anycom’s CompactFlash card, and PocketPRINT 3.0 software, to print your Pocket Word, Excel or Outlook email documents directly to Bluetooth enabled printers.

Axis Communications
pany Website
Axis develops network appliance solutions that enable people and organizations to get easy and immediate access to devices and services. The company focuses on several thin server and network device markets, such as printer, storage and video connectivity.

AXIS 5800 Mobile is a print server that can print in wireless as well as in wired (LAN) environments.  Using Bluetooth wireless technology, AXIS 5800 Mobile transforms standard printers into wireless printing solutions with ability to print from mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones. 

AXIS 5800+ Mobile Print Server that enables printers and copiers to print in both wireless, as well as traditional wired (LAN) environments. It offers users of laptops, PDAs and mobile phones (enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology) the convenience of printing without wires or network configuration. At the same time, it provides efficient routing of printing activities from LAN networked users in all network environments.

AXIS 5810 Bluetooth Print Plug provides wireless printing in your pocket. Plug the AXIS 5810, a Bluetooth Print Plug, into an available printer or copier and you’re able to print when away from the office. It allows users to print from Bluetooth-enabled laptops and mobile phones.

Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd.

Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a provider of market-oriented wireless solution with global marketing experiences. 

Bluetooth Printer Adapter BT200, is a solution for upgrading parallel port printers into Bluetooth wireless printers. The BT200 is easy to install, allowing users to carry out a full installation without the need to reinstall the printer drivers.

Hewlett Packard           
Company Website
HP provide Bluetooth capability with their range of PC, handheld and printer solutions. 

Bluetooth Printer Adapter
suitable for HP inkjet and LaserJet printers it enables Bluetooth connection to print details sent by other Bluetooth enalbed devices. It has a range of 32 feet.

Bluetooth Printer Converter Cable
, used with the Bluetooth printer adapter, it allows a 1284C connected printer to use Bluetooth.

HP Deskjet 995c Printer can connect via Bluetooth connection from up to 32 feet away. Other features include 17 ppm black, 13 ppm (via USB), 16.5 ppm black, 12.5 ppm color (via Bluetooth), up to 1200 x 2400 dpi color (on premium photo paper),  2-sided printing, infrared & paper-type sensor. The 995C will support printing for PC desktops, laptops and PDAs over a Bluetooth connection.

MPI Tech (Formerly i-data international a-s)
Company Website
MPI Tech, formerly i-data Printing Systems, MPI Tech and GGX, is a global vendor of workflow and output management solutions with distribution worldwide. MPI Tech develops and markets a world-leading portfolio of technologies and products for unique document managing, printing and imaging solutions.

Bluetooth Printer Adapter replaces the parallel cable of the printer with a wireless Bluetooth connection to other Bluetooth enabled devices such as Laptops, PDAs and mobile phones. Features include: Support for Laptop, PDA and mobile phone, Windows Plug & Play compatible, Supports the Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile, High power, +20 dBm, class1, Flash upgradeable through a wireless link. Also see their Data sheet.

National Semiconductor
Company Website
Based in California, National Semiconductor combines analog and digital technologies to create integrated solutions.  National provides solutions for the information appliance, personal computing, consumer and communication markets.  

LSE019 Printer Adapter
is a proprietary wireless printer module that provides a parallel Centronics interface to a printer. This adapter works only in conjunction with the LSE041 PC Card, LSE025 USB adapter and LSE039 Compact Flash. The maximum distance for error free printing is up to 10 m. A PC based printer installation is required.
LSE019 Bluetooth Printer Adapter (PDF File)

NEC Corporation
Company Website

NEC Corporation is a provider of Internet solutions, dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of its customers in the key computer, network and electron device fields.

Bluetooth Printer Adaptor. - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

RFI Mobile Technologies
Company Website
Formed in 1963, this European based company targets mobile computing and particularly through wireless communication products. The company has formed a number of close relationships with other manufacturers. The company targets a number of different technologies including Bluetooth, ISDN, Networks and Wireless LAN. As a part of this development it has created a second company called Anycom which brands and sells RFI's Bluetooth Products.

Sunderland Technologies Pte Ltd
Company website
Founded 1998, based in Singapore, Sunderland focus on wireless computing connectivity.
Download their Bluetooth brochure

BLUEprint - a printer adapter device to allow wireless printing from Bluetooth enabled PCs and other devices
Bluetooth 1.0B + critical errata, Centronics Standard Parallel Port, data rates up to 460 kbps, supports Deskjet, Colour Jet, Bubblejet printers, with upgradable firmware, 
Profiles supported include Generic Access, Proprietary printing

TROY Wireless
Company Website

Founded in 1991, TROY Wireless is a division of the TROY Group Inc. offering a range of hardware and software technologies and solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of short-range wireless connectivity. TROY Wireless manufactures both end-user Bluetooth products as well as custom OEM Bluetooth modules and software.

Printer Appliance Demo Device 
The PAD-1 device works with any device that supports the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
Receiving Device be RS-232 serial or IEEE 1284 Parallel. The demo box can attach to almost any parallel port device to enable the use of Bluetooth technology between various devices such as the palmtop, printer and laptop computer.
Download the PAD-1 Brochure (pdf)
Download the PAD-1 Serial Applications Brochure (pdf)

WindConnect enables Bluetooth V1.1 wireless connectivity on parallel printers and RS-232 serial devices. It supports the Serial Port, LAN Access, and Object Push Profiles (HCRP in near future), and includes an easy-to-use Windows printing utility. Download the WindConnect Data Sheet (PDF)

Zebra Technologies
Company Website

Zebra delivers innovative and reliable bar code and specialty label printing solutions to businesses and governments in 90 countries around the world. With over 30 years of experience and more than two million printers in use, Zebra is the trusted brand for more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

The QL 320 direct thermal mobile printer has been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, it provides user-friendly optoins to keep your business moving.The QL 320 is perfect for moderate volume printing needs in indoor/outdoor applications including price marking, shelf labeling, bin labeling, ticketing and asset tracking. It is available with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication with different handheld computers that support Bluetooth.

Mobile Printer - Weighing just one pound (.45 kg), the Cameo 2 is easy to wear and can be carried anywhere receipt printing is needed. The convenient magnetic card reader option enables you to perform credit card transactions while staying mobile. The Cameo 2 is suited for point-of-sale transactions, hospitality receipt printing, and transportation ticket printing. Receipt printing is quick and efficient with lightweight, versatile Cameo mobile receipt printers. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is an option in the Cameo Series.


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