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Bluetooth Industrial

Suppliers of Bluetooth products for Industrial Applications
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website
The company focuses on two areas of business. Firstly it offers consultancy within the area of wireless communication and secondly on products and system solutions for mobile machine-machine communication, particularly industrial wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth Server BS302 is a complete server equipped with an industrial Bluetooth-modem for wireless connection, presently under development. It can be used on a standard PC with a serial interface and has a software download feature. For a PDF file of the product details click here

Blue2Space AB
Company Website
Blue2Space is a wireless communications company founded in 2000 and situated in Stockholm, Sweden. The company develops and markets hardware and software solutions for networking within the Bluetooth standard, providing a complete family of services and products.

blue2link RS232/422 is a Bluetooth link or Access Point, which makes it a key element in creating wireless Bluetooth networks. It allows devices such as industrial controllers, modems, security systems, industrial machines and other serial equipment equipped or fitted with Bluetooth radio chips communicate wirelessly with each other. It is even possible to communicate over a LAN or over the Internet. A switch over from serial to Ethernet is also possible as long as TCP/IP protocol is used.

Bluegiga Technologies
Company Website

BlueGiga Technologies is a wireless technology company who offer a complete hardware and software platform which combines network technologies and Bluetooth. 

WRAP is a Wireless Remote Access Platform. It is a pre-certified solution for adding wireless connectivity and intelligence to industrial and embedded devices. WRAP products can run needed protocols and application software without a host processor. It lets OEMs build a short-range wireless interface between devices and their users.

Company Website
ConnectBlue specialize in integrating Bluetooth based communication solutions in applications and equipment for industrial or commercial use, offering complete hardware and software solutions. It is a supplier of complete Bluetooth solutions for industrial and commercial use. ConnectBlue serves companies with hardware and software solutions, Bluetooth products and training and seminar program. (see the Design Solutions Page).

Serial Port Adapter enables cable replacement for industrial applications with an RS-232 port to communicate wirelessly. It also offers plug'n'play, without any new software installation or adjustments to the existing system and can be used with other Bluetooth devices such as laptops, handheld computers and mobile phones.

Crossbow Technology Inc.     
Company Website

Crossbow provides sensor and moniroing technology smaller, including the use of silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) with digital signal processing and Bluetooth wireless communications.

CN1100 Wireless Monitoring Node collects data from up to 4 sensor channels and transmits the data via a bidirectional Bluetooth wireless communications link to a computer (desktop or laptop), handheld, or other network access point. To download a PDF file on the CN1100 click here.

Company website

Impulsesoft is a short-range wireless solutions provider working with electronic equipment manufacturers, OEMs and silicon vendors to enable them to bring application specific short-range wireless solutions quickly to the market. 

Impulsesoft Development Platform (IDP) is an innovative and flexible Bluetooth product that enables wireless connection to industrial applications. It is designed so that any device with a RS-232 port can now be Bluetooth enabled with IDP. It is a fully integrated hardware/software tool and allows designers to quickly implement, test and demonstrate their customized designs. For a PDF file of the product details click here

Company Website

As a pan-European distributor of Bluetooth technology products, Nohau has offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Products offered include Bluetooth protocol analyzers and test generators from CATC, Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from Adamya and Bluetooth connectivity products for industrial applications from connectBlue. Nohau also runs regular seminars and training courses on all aspects of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Company Website
Possio works with development and production of products for digital cellular networks. The company looks to combine different technologies including Bluetooth for its solutions. 

Current Bluetooth related products include:
Possio PX20 is an access point which combines both Bluetooth and WLAN into a single device.  It thus enables users of Bluetooth-devices ( such as handheld computers, smart phones and industrial devices) to access the Internet or intranet networks wherever they may be installed - eg in coffee shops, hotels, airports, offices or at home. 

Features including the abilities to synchronise e-mail and files, access streaming media such as video and radio, network games or manage personal businesses. A white paper on the PX20 can be found by clicking here. (PDF File)

Wilcoxon Research Inc
Company Website
Wilcoxon is at the forefront of the Bluetooth wireless development community with the release of the C1B Class 1 Radio Module and BlueLynx family of wireless products. The BlueLynx eliminates the high cost of cable infrastructure and cable maintenance in industrial applications.

BlueLynx BLM - this product eliminates the high cost of cable infrastructure and cable maintenance in process control applications.

C1B Bluetooth Transceiver - The C1B Industrial Strength Bluetooth Transceiver Module is a Class 1 Host Controller Interface (HCI)module integrated with RF, baseband processing, timing and power conditioning capabilities. It is drop-in compatible with the CSR Casira development system and software.


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