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Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset, Headphone & Speaker/Microphone

Suppliers of Bluetooth Headsets
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

AirLogic Co., Ltd.
Company Website

AirLogic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of variety of Bluetooth modules based in Korea and specialized in developing and providing Bluetooth-based wireless communication products.

Bluetooth Headset a wireless headset for mobile phone users based on Bluetooth Technology..

ATO Technology
Company Website
First established in 1982 the company focus on providing quality sound with a line of audio products. However more recently the company has been expanding to products particularly within the Bluetooth industry, covering audio applications in PCs, Headsets and Mobile Phones.

Bluetooth Headset enable wireless connection to Bluetooth mobile phones, inter-operable with Bluetooth enable devices, 10 metres operation range, Antenna Inside headset cabinet, Call connect / call disconnect / call transfer with single button operation, security by the use of PIN, 2 hours continuous talking time, 1 week standby time and an external battery charger is included.

Bluewinc Inc.
Company Website
Bluewinc Inc. is a venture enterprise to develop hardware and software solutions of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Handsfree insert Audio Gateway into cigar jack of your car, connect Audio gateway with your mobile phone, and use Bluetooth technology. It has maximum mobility to talk for up to 2hr, then see red LED, then only put headset on the Audio Gateway.

CC&C Technologies Inc.
Company Website
CC&C Tech. focus on developing the best wireless communication products and technologies and have been since it's creation in September 1997.

Bluetooth Headset. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Cyber-blue(Shenzhen) Technologies Co., ltd
Company Website
We are first company in China who get approval of SIG.

Bluetooth headset. High-technology meets high fashion Innovative design allows user to wear unit as clip-on fashion accessory Detachable and replaceable "skin" in 3 different designs and colors.

Data Memory Systems, Inc.
Company Website

Data Memory Systems, Inc. of Salem New Hampshire announces the completion of a strategic alliance with wireless product manufacture Global Link Electronics Corp. DMS will become one of 3 factory direct distributors of Blue-Gene Bluetooth wireless technology products. 

BT-30E Bluetooth EarSet.BT-300C Compact Flash card size Bluetooth Adaptor work with your PDA or handheld PC, User can wirelessly synchronize data with a Bluetooth enabled PC (such as a PC with BT-301U adaptor) or use a Bluetooth enabled cell phone as a wireless modem to connect to internet, faxing, exchange address book and some other functions. User will be able to access a network through Bluetooth Access Point (such as BT-300A).

Digianswer A/S (A Motorola Company)
Company website
An early pioneer of Bluetooth technology, prior to its acquisition by Motorola
Digianswer Bluetooth Headset.

Digianswer Bluetooth Headset - features include:  Range - up to 30 feet, Weight - 1 oz, Size - less than 2 inches in diameter, Talk time - up to 2.5 hours, Standby time - up to 100 hours, Charge time - less than 2 hours. Bluetooth Phone Accessory for use with a PC or mobile phone with a Bluetooth interface.

Company website
The inventors of Bluetooth

HBH-10 Ericsson Bluetooth Headset - wirefree headset for linking to a mobile phone etc
Weight 30 grams, Talktime up to 3 hours, Standby time over 48 hours
Click on the link above to reach Ericsson's video showing use of the headset 

HBH-15 Ericsson Bluetooth Headset - new, lighter, more colorful version of the Ericsson headset has extended talk and standby times.  Thanks to a new battery the headset can be used for up to five hours before  recharging.

Bluetooth Handsfree HBH-20

Bluetooth Car Handsfree HCB-30 is designed for safety and comfort. It is a solution whereby the Bluetooth Car Handsfree recognizes the mobile phone and connects it without a cable or phone holder, enabling the user to control calls without touching the phone and keeping hands free for driving. 

Fujikon Industrial Co. Ltd.   
Company Website
Fujikon, founded in 1982 and based in Hong Kong, are a manufacturer of electronic acoustic systems - headphones, speakers, headsets etc.

Their Bluetooth headset, still in development, will embody a turnkey design from Zi Services

G.G. Telecom
Company Website - In development

We are one of the Bluretooth headset manufactures (OEM/ODM) and own brand.

Bluetooth headset

GN Netcom
Company website
GN Netcom are a major global supplier of headset equipment for call centres and other office applications, requiring handsfree telephony solutions. Bluetooth technology is now available as an option in their latest offerings.

GN900 Series Bluetooth Wireless Headset - see the picture - see the general brochure 
* No cords - the world's first and truly cordless lightweight headset
* Simple and elegant design - for all day comfort
* Innovative digital features incorporated into GN Netcom's world renowned high quality headsets.

GN 9010 / GN 9015 Bluetooth(TM) HeadsetThe GN 9010 model  (technical data, pdf) incorporates Bluetooth technology for future-proof worldwide adaptability. Bluetooth Headset for use with a PC or mobile phone with a Bluetooth interface. The headset can also be connected to a desktop phone when using GN 9010 Base.

Bluetooth Wireless Headset - no further details available. E-mail us.

HunTec Co, Ltd. 
Company Website
HuneTec Co., Ltd., was established in April 2000, its major professional business lines are telecommunications equipment specializing in Bluetooth, CDMA Devices and ReFLEX Two-way Personal Communicator.

Bluetooth Headset is V 1.1 compliant. It features: operating time (Continuous talking : Up to 3hours Standby : Up to 200hours), Noise canceling Microphone, Function & dial key button / key lock, LCD Information, Charge time (internal charge) : 1 hour or less, Omni-directional internal SMD antenna, Coverage Area: At least 10m, Total weight: Approx. 23g including Battery.

Japan Total Design Communication Co., Ltd. (JTDC)
Company Website

JTDC focus on providing solutions for wireless connectivity, such as digital wireless devices. 

JTDC Bluetooth Headset & Dongle Evaluation Kit. JTDC Headset HSPT-100 is a portable hands-free equipment which has compliance with Bluetooth Headset Profile. This enables wireless voice communication by using in pair with JTDC AG/Dongle DGPT-100 or another Bluetooth AG.

LG Innotek
Company Website
The company focus on telecommunications defense initiatives but have more recently diversed into providing a number of products using the Bluetooth Technology.

LG Innotek Bluetooth Headset(LBHA-2001) make your hands free from phones. It is simply connected with not only mobile phones, but also regular phones, PDAs and laptops(which embedded Bluetooth function). It features: Headset profile 1.0b embedded, Output Power : 1mW, Range Coverage : 20m max, Receiver sensitivity : -83dBm, Battery Life Operating Mode: over 2Hr/Standby Mode : over 48 Hr, Size : 40(W) x 110(H) x 16(D) mm, Weight : 30g ( include Battery), Antenna : Integrated Ceramic, Both-ear wearable.

Company Website
Motorola provides integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. This includes wireless communications, making end-to-end systems, embedded semiconductor solutions and embedded electronic systems.

These devices are form a very neat range of  Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker-microphone plus adapters for use with portable and mobile radios radios 

Mobile Bluetooth Adapter. See PDF File

Motorola Bluetooth Handset. See PDF File

Radio Bluetooth Adapter for Motorola 2-way radios. See PDF File

Remote speaker microphone for Motorola 2-way radios with RBA. See PDF File

Motorola Bluetooth Clip-on Accessory. See PDF File A/S
Company website were one of the early adopter members of the SIG in 1999

Bluespoon - The BlueSpoon headset is designed to fit any right ear. The light and durable material has been designed for military standards and allows the user to wear the headset for very long periods of time.

Weight: less than 10 gr.
Dimensions 35mm(L)x22mm(W)x14mm(D)
Talk-time: up to 6 hours
Standby-time: more than 100 hours
Charging-time: less than 1 hour
Hardware: CSR (Bluecore 02 - Class 2)
Software: Headset Profile v1.1

Company Website

Nokia focus on developing solutions for the home that add convenience to peoples lives. This includes work within the wireless, broadband, cable, and satellite technology.

The Nokia Wireless Headset provides the Nokia 6310, as well as many other Bluetooth compatible phones such as the Nokia 6310i and the Nokia 8910, with Bluetooth-based handsfree functionality. With this headset, users are able to make and receive calls without needing to hold the mobile phone or use wires. The ergonomic design, high audio quality and small size make the headset easy to use and unobtrusive for the user. Voice dialing, volume adjustment, and answering and ending calls can be done directly from the headset.

Company Website
Plantronics offer mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications and corded and cordless headsets and systems for the office, small office/home office and call centres.

Plantronics M1500 Bluetooth headset was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show 2002 with a Bluetooth wireless networking dongle that attaches to a Nokia mobile phone. Once attached, the M1500 allows the user to talk on the phone which may be in a pocket or a briefcase up to 30 feet away.

Company Website
PrimeNet concentrates on providing application specific home networking reference chip and system solutions. Specialized in Bluetooth, other home networks such as IrDA and powerline communication solutions can be offered.

Bluetooth Headset features:
1. Easy to control Volume
2. Available for various audio applications including mobile handset
3. On chip flash enables compact and light weight headset
4. Clear sound using high fidelity amplifier, speaker, microphone
5. Over 3 hours talk-time. 4 days stand-by time.
6. Communication range up to 10 meters
7. Weight less than 25 grams
8. Can be charged by own adaptor in home as well as car with cigarette jack adaptor
9. Complies with Bluetooth specifications v1.1
10. Adjustable for both left and right ear.
11. Background noise cancellation enables clear sound.

RTX Telecom
Company website
RTX Telecom is one of the world's leading independent suppliers of Total Product Development Solutions, focusing exclusively on advanced wireless communication standards such as DECT, Bluetooth and CDMA. RTX Telecom is a highly focused company, solely dedicated to the development and design of advanced wireless communication products for the telecommunications, manufacturing and medical industries.

RTX has developed a  Bluetooth headset design for OEM manufacturers.

SeYoung Communications Co.,Ltd

Seyoung Communications Co.,Ltd has been a leading manufacturer in Bluetooth Headset that it supplies to markets worldwide.

Bluetooth Headset accessory for the most models of mobile around the world.

Telecom Technology Corporation Limited
Company Website

Established in 1995, Telecom Technology Corporation Limited (TTC) is the first organization in Hong Kong who designs, develops and manufactures its own branded Bluetooth headset. Our iCliq(tm) Bluetooth headset is designed to address the growing demand for a cordless portable hands free headset in the mobile market. It is comfortable, intuitive and easy-to-use.

The iCliq(tm) Bluetooth headset features simple push button operation and is comfortable to wear. Its attributes include lightweight (about 25g), ergonomic design and left and right ear fittings. It can be connected to any mobile phone, PDA or device with Bluetooth wireless technology that supports the headset profile.

Company Website

We sell mobile phone data cables and accessories.

The Bluetooth wireless headset uses the latest innovative design, it allows you to clip the tiny unit to your clothing, carrying in your pocket or wear around your neck. Freeing you from those bulky earpieces. Using Bluetooth wireless technology you can maintain contact with your cell phone from up to ten metres away.

Windigo Systems
Company Website

Founded in 2001, Windigo Systems is a dedicated "wireless solutions provider" specializing in providing leading-edge wireless technology to the world. From its USA headquarters in San Jose, California, Windigo Systems has operations in North America, Asia and Europe and maintains a comprehensive sales network around the world. Windigo Systems is a subsidiary of Wearnes Technology, a publicly-listed multi-national conglomerate with interests in numerous other successful technology companies.

Windigo manufactures Bluetooth Headsets modules for custom design.

Zi Services (part of Zi Corporation)
Company Website

Zi Corporation is a market-driven technology company delivering intelligent interface solutions to enhance the user experience of wireless and consumer technologies.

Zi Services is the telecom strategic business unit of Zi Corporation.  It delivers customized Bluetooth headset design and product solutions for rapid market deployment. Through customization, Zi Services can build a market ready finished product or deliver a production ready design specific to each customer's technical requirements and time to market needs

Zi Services has developed and delivered customized Bluetooth solutions to customers, including a handheld electronic product for GSL and a Bluetooth headset for Fujikon



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