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Bluetooth Compact Flash

Compact Flash Cards and Bluetooth Memory Stick

Suppliers of Bluetooth Compact Flash
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website

Anycom provides users with an end-to-end wireless solutions using Bluetooth technology via a range of products which include client devices, printer modules, and access points.

Pocket PC Synchronization Kit (CF Card) makes file transfer is easy and simple with the ad-hock networking capability of Anycom’s Bluetooth CompactFlash card with PC Card adapter in computing devices.


A full line supplier of Bluetooth products, including Bluetooth USB adaptore, BT CF card, BT Access Point and BT Handsfree kit.

Bluetooth Comact Flash Size Adaptor: BT-300C Compact Flash card size Bluetooth Adaptor work with your PDA or handheld PC, User can wirelessly synchronize data with a Bluetooth enabled PC (such as a PC with BT-301U adaptor) or use a Bluetooth enabled cell phone as a wireless modem to connect to internet, faxing, exchange address book and some other functions. User will be able to access a network through Bluetooth Access Point (such as BT-300A). Functions available such as Surfing internet by dialing-up networking, GPRS or CDMA through Bluetooth mobile phones. Others functions listed under: Easily perform a small networkFile Transfer Receive/Send Fax Information Exchange Information Synchronization

Brain Boxes
Company website
Brain Boxes is a UK based company which specialises in the manufacture of Personal Computer add-on cards. Their product range incorporates Bluetooth wireless technology, PCI, PCMCIA, and USB technology geared towards Serial Comms, Electronic Point of Sale and Mobile Data Communications. Also download their Product Information PDF FIle.

Bluetooth Compact Flash Card BL-565, this can be used with PDAs with a spare Type I Compact Flash slot. 

CC&C Technologies Inc.
Company Website
CC&C Technologies were founded in September 1997 and develop wireless communication products and technologies.

Bluetooth Compact Flash Card. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

Cyber-blue(Shenzhen) Technologies Co., ltd
Company Website
We are first company in China who get approval of SIG.

Bluetooth Compact Flash card. With the BLUE-CF Bluetooth Compact Flash card in your PDA or handheld PC you can wirelessly synchronize all your data with your PC enabled with Bluetooth Wireless Technology or exchange phone numbers and address book with your Bluetooth cell phone.

Fujitsu Devices Inc.
Company Website

It is a distributor in Japan for the marketing and sales of wide range of electronic devices.

Bluetooth CF Card - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Global Sun Technology
Company Website
Global Sun Technology Inc. supplies  OEM contract manufacturing services to equipment suppliers in the computer, communications, and electronics fields and designs, manufactures, and sells wireless communication equipment, specifically using Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless LAN technologies to OEM/ODM customers. 

Global Sun "ProWave" Bluetooth Compact Flash Card, the BTC 2400 is a full function Bluetooth compact flash card for type II, supported as a null Modem device, which could operate as a data link. The BTC 2400 is a low output power,0dBm for Bluetooth class 2, suitable for indoor and operation range for such as home and office environment. This card includes 3 portions of circuit :a 2.4GHz radio, a baseband controller with PCMCIA interface, flash memory; to form Bluetooth specification 1.0 function. BTC 2400 has build-in patch antenna. This card is easy to interface to host device via the CF slot . BTC 2400 support Windows CE 2.14 driver. It uses the Ericsson Bluetooth Chipset.

Hewlett Packard           
Company Website

HP provide Bluetooth capability with their range of PC, handheld and printer solutions. 

Compact Flash plug-in card for the HP Jornada PDA - from Socket  
Compatible with the Jornada 540, 560 and 700 series devices and supports the dial-up networking profile.  Proven compatiblity with the Ericsson T39, R520, Nokia 6210 and the Sony au cdmaOne C413S phones.
Pdf file

BLUEFlash Compact Flash plug-in card for the HP Jornada PDA - from Sunderland 
Compatible with the Jornada 540, 560 and 700 series devices and supports the dial-up networking profile.  Proven compatiblity with the Ericsson T39, R520, Nokia 6210 and the Sony au cdmaOne C413S phones.
Pdf file.

Honda Connectors Ltd   
Company Website
Honda Connectors are a manufacturer of PC Card, Compact Flash and USB interconnect products who enable Bluetooth users to package their designs in a range of standard, or custom packages.

Extended Compact Flash is a type 1 or 2 extended Compact Flash cards available in various offsets to house Bluetooth modules.

Mavin Technology Inc.
Company Website

Mavin Technology is a registered member of SIG (The Bluetooth Special Interest Group), with experience in Baseband, RF, software driver profiling and platform testing. Mavin Technology does OEM/ODM contract manufacturing services for suppliers in the computer, communication and electronics fields.

Bluetooth Compact Flash Card CSR chipset, Up to 40 meters.

National Semiconductor
Company Website
Based in California, National Semiconductor combines analog and digital technologies to create integrated solutions.  National provides solutions for the information appliance, personal computing, consumer and communication markets.  

Bluetooth Compact Flash Card including SW "Type 1" including software for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Bluetooth Compact Flash Card "Type 1" which enables Compact Flash host devices to interface to Bluetooth.

LSE139 Compact Flash Card is a plug in unit, for PDA’s and other Compact Flash Host devices, running Windows CE 3.0. The LSE 039 enables point-to-point communication over Bluetooth. In addition the Compact Flash Card also supports wireless printing from Windows CE 3.0 in combination with the LSE019 Printer Adapter. Installation and configuration tools for Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and NT4.  LSE039 Bluetooth Compact Flash-Card

Company Website
Primax was established in Taiwan in March 1984 and is now a worldwide company, it focuses on imaging products, computer peripherals, paper handling equipment, Internet/information appliance products, and communication accessories. 

BluePort Compact Flash Card adds Bluetooth functionality to a WinCE-based Pocket PC. It enables wireless data sharing between Pocket PCs and other Bluetooth™ enabled devices. Features: WinCE 3.0 operating system support, 10 meter transmission range for 1st generation product, Built-in authentication and encryption, Type II Compact Flash card with integrated antenna, power on/off, LED indicators to show power and data transmit/receive status. Application Profiles: GAP, SDAP, SPP, LAP, DUNP, OPP, FTP and Synchronization Profile.

Socket Communications            
Company website
Socket Communications, Inc. develops and sells connection products for handheld computers and other devices.

Bluetooth PDA plug-in card Part number: BL4508-309
CompactFlash I/O, Bluetooth Card, Type I - with integrated antenna. The Bluetooth Connection Kit features the Socket Bluetooth Card and Get Connected! Setup wizard. The software runs on Windows CE 2.11 for Handheld PC Pros, Pocket PC 3.0, Pocket PC 2002 and Handheld PC 2000 3.0.

The phones listed below have been tested and are compatible with the kit. GSM phones - Ericsson R520, T39, and T68; Motorola 270C; Nokia 6210 and CDMAone - Sony au C413 phones.

Sunderland Technologies Pte Ltd
Company website
Founded 1998, based in Singapore, Sunderland focus on wireless computing connectivity.

BLUEflash - Compact flash card. Click here to download a PDF file on the product. 
Bluetooth 1.0B + critical errata, data rates up to 460 kbps, Bluetooth printing supported (requires BLUEprint), easy installation and configuration with Windows CE 3.0, Windows 95/98/2000 and NT4

Windigo Systems
Company Website

Founded in 2001, Windigo Systems is a dedicated "wireless solutions provider" specializing in providing leading-edge wireless technology to the world. From its USA headquarters in San Jose, California, Windigo Systems has operations in North America, Asia and Europe and maintains a comprehensive sales network around the world. Windigo Systems is a subsidiary of Wearnes Technology, a publicly-listed multi-national conglomerate with interests in numerous other successful technology companies.

Windigo manufactures Class 2 CF cards along with Blue Manager s/w. Product can be customised for OEM requirements. CE, FCC and BQB certified.

Zupera Technology Corporation
Company Website

Design, development, & export of embedded systems, industrial computers, mobile computers, Bluetooth technology, & WLAN.

ZBTCF, Z-Bluetooth Key. Bluetooth certified, Class two, CF card.


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