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Bluetooth Automotive

Applications, Handsfree and more...

Suppliers of Bluetooth Automotive Applications
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Daimler Chrysler
Company website

Major global car manufacturer

Daimler Chrysler announced more details of their plans for their U-Connect Bluetooth capability at the Bluetooth Congress 2002.   Bluetooth equipped car kits will be available as a factory-fitted option from 1Q2004.  After market dealer fitted options will be available from 2Q2003

Company Website
ELSA is a provider of products for Internet access and PC graphics as well as services.
See their Bluetooth Brochure (PDF).

ELSA Vianect blue Handsfree is a hands-free system for cable-free installation in vehicles. 
At minimum installation expenditure - attachment of microphone, loudspeaker and monitoring unit - any vehicle can be equipped with a hands-free solution for Bluetooth mobile telephony. It is a Class 3 Bluetooth device ( 0 dBm power), full duplex telephony,  with the option for cradle for antenna connection and battery charging for most common mobiles.

Johnson Controls
Company Website

Founded in 1885, it is primarily focused on automotive systems and facility management and control.

Current Bluetooth products include
Blueconnect is a hand-free system that allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel while staying connected through a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone.
TravelNote Connect allows cellular phones to automatically provide "hands-free" operation while allowing other electronic devices to "talk" to each other. 

Kenwood Corporation
Company Website
Kenwood manufacture and sell a large variety of products covering audio, radio equipment, transceivers, telephone equipment, PC components and more.

Automobile Interface Development Platform is a prototype that is designed to the performance and interoperability of the Bluetooth interface automobile environment.

KDC-PSR91bti. The KDC-PSR91bti is able to communicate via Bluetooth with cellular phones supported by the Headset Profile. In addition, this product is also used for evaluation purposes such as determining optimum antenna positioning and interference with other devices within the car.

KDC-MX91bti. The KDC-MX91bti is able to communicate via Bluetooth with devices such as cellular phones, notebook PCs, PDAs, and also access points that are supported by the Headset and Dial-Up Networking Profile. In addition, this product is also used for the purposes of evaluation and development of various Bluetooth wireless network applications for use in automobiles.

Company Website
MobileAria purely targets providing hands free services for the telematics industry specifically with the use of wireless technologies in the vehicle. 

MobileAria's Hand free vehicle kit provides drivers with voice-activated access to their desktops' voice mail, email, contact and calendar information, driving directions and traffic conditions, enabling drivers to always keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The hardware consists of a vehicle Hands Free kit with in-vehicle components (wireless steering wheel-mounted remote control, central unit, speaker/mic, and optional GPS receiver) as well as a Bluetooth cell phone and Bluetooth PCMCIA card for the user laptop. Picture of how the solution works.

Company Website

Nokia focus on developing solutions for the home that add convenience to peoples lives. This includes work within the wireless, broadband, cable, and satellite technology.

Nokia wireless car kit for the 6310 allows
hands-free functionality in the car environment, via the use of Bluetooth. It features user-installable remote control for easy call handling, volume adjustment, car-radio muting and ignition sense.

Company website 

Parrot is a provider of DSP software, specialized in speech processing and Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth vehicle handsfree CK3000 with voice recognition. It connects to any Bluetooth phone and it allows users to make and receive calls safely through the car´s stereo speakers, using voice commands.

Interoperates with existing Bluetooth-enabled phones already available on the market, including the Ericsson models T39, T68 and R520 and the Nokia 6310.
Don't need to change your CK3000 when you change your phone.
The vehicle handsfree unit integrates with the existing car audio system.
Voice dialling - just say a name to place a call while driving.
No cradle required - the Bluetooth connection allows to keep your phone inside the pocket.

Stollmann E+V GmbH
Company Website
Stollmann develops Bluetooth and ISDN protocol stacks and OEM products. Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany. Stollmann and its 30 developers and engineers have developed more than 150 products over the past seven years. Its modular and flexible software architecture supports various PC systems, embedded hardware, and operating system platforms.

BlueCar+ - Bluetooth adapter with a serial interface and audio facilities for demonstration and testing purposes.

Visteon Inc.                
Company Website
Launched in 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as the electronics spin off of Ford. The company works in the car manufacturing industry, but has also recently demonstrated use of Bluetooth technology in  cars.

Visteon offer Bluetooth integration services for vehicles to car manufacturers.


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