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Bluetooth General Access Points

To make the site easier to navigate we have restructured our previously-entitled 'Access Points' page into several new pages, reflecting different applications.  Of course, many products can fulfill different applications, so you may also wish to check these related pages:
Public Access Infrastructure
Enterprise Infrastructure
Residential DSL & ISDN Access Points

If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website

Anycom provides users with an end-to-end wireless solutions using Bluetooth technology via a range of products which include client devices, printer modules, and access points.

AP-2001, this Bluetooth access point automatically detects and connects Bluetooth devices to the Bluetooth network, confirming and connecting users with security and access rights configuration specified for each user.

Wireless Internet Gateway for a Laptop or PDA is possible with Anycom’s CompactFlash card in a Pocket PC, laptop or notebook computer, and a Bluetooth enabled cell phone.

Axis Communications
pany Website
Axis develops network appliance solutions that enable people and organizations to get easy and immediate access to devices and services. The company focuses on several thin server and network device markets, such as printer, storage and video connectivity.

AXIS 9010 Bluetooth Access Point enables mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to local networks and the Internet. 

Blue2Space AB
Company Website
Blue2Space is a wireless communications company founded in 2000 and situated in Stockholm, Sweden. The company develops and markets hardware and software solutions for networking within the Bluetooth standard, providing a complete family of services and products.

Blue2link Ethernet is a plug-and-play product with RJ45 connection
that requires no software installation. It acts as a key element in forming wireless Bluetooth networks.

BlueRadios, Inc.
Company Website

BlueRadios, Inc. is a OEM provider of wireless Bluetooth data communications equipment manufacturers.

Bluetooth Class 1 USB Communicator (BlueRadios Class1 USB Communicator) low cost wireless Internet access point/appliance for peer-to-server communications.

Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd.

Bluetake Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a provider of market-oriented wireless solution with global marketing experiences. 

Bluetooth Access Point BT300 provides more expandable ability for expanding Bluetooth wireless range in any place where congregate Bluetooth devices can access to Internet through BT300 effortlessly.

blue2access E45F-L2 & blue2access E45F-H2, Lan Access Points with RJ45 connection, it is a Bluetooth LAN Access Point, which makes it a key element in creating a wireless Bluetooth network. It is possible to let devices such as PC’s, PDA’s and mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth radio chips communicate wirelessly with each other over a LAN or over the Internet.

Enhanced Messaging System Inc.                        
Company Website

Enhanced Messaging Systems provides connectivity solutions using a variety wired and wireless network technologies and specialises in the connectivity needs of mobile users and distributed networks. The company also create customized connectivity solutions for client companies.

The company is currently developing a Bluetooth Network Access Point to be available later this year.

Company Website
The company provide wireless communication solutions for industry. Their aim is to introduce the Bluetooth technology in industry.

Bluetooth Access Point
running Linux. Customizable to fit the clients needs.

Fujitsu Devices Inc.
Company Website

It is a distributor in Japan for the marketing and sales of wide range of electronic devices.

Bluetooth Data Access Point provides the wireless communication fully compliant with the latest Bluetooth technology. BDAP acts as a bridge between wireless and cable networks and seamlessly integrate two networks into one. The mobile products such as PDAs, PCs and cellular phones can simultaneously access the Internet and LAN up to 7 users.

HunTec Co, Ltd. 
Company Website
HuneTec Co., Ltd., was established in April 2000, its major professional business lines are telecommunications equipment specializing in Bluetooth, CDMA Devices and ReFLEX Two-way Personal Communicator.

Bluetooth LAN Access Point, connects to Ethernet/Fast Ethernet and systems running TCP/IP. It features: Point to multipoint functionality, connecting up to7 data users, Provides Ad-hoc Network, Network Access using PPP through Dial-up Networking or LAP, Receiver Sensitivity: - 85dBm, Data rate: 1Mbps, Maximum output power: 20dBm.

Initium Co Ltd
Company Website
Initium focuses specifically Bluetooth wireless technology and applying them to short-range wireless network systems.

BlueWIN AP is a Bluetooth LAP (LAN Access Point) supporting wireless access to Internet, Intranet and PBX from a wide range of Bluetooth equipped devices such as PCs, PDAs, and cellular phones. It provides the standard solutions for the applications at residential houses, offices and public location market places with enhanced performance and rich features. 

Mindtree Consulting
Company Website
Mindtree specializes in offering product realization services to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into product designs cost effectively.   

LAN Access Point Reference Design is based on the integration of Bluetooth wireless technology into a standard access point architecture. OEMs can easily base their product designs with various features sets and price points.

Company Website
Motah is a technology boutique and consulting firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Tokyo, Japan. The company offers Bluetooth Access Points, but also works on creating relationships between the US and Japan specifically.

L-10M Access Point is a 7 user model it enables transmission speeds of 433.9kbps per terminal (symmetric communication) or 723.2/57.6kbps per terminal (asymmetric communication) and uses a RJ45 Connector. It allows users to have internet access with the use of devices such as PDAs and allow them to transmit information to other Bluetooth enabled devices, e.g. Mobile Phones and PCs. Click here for a PDF file on this product.

L-40M Access Point is a 28 user model it enables transmission speeds of 433.9kbps per terminal (symmetric communication) or 723.2/57.6kbps per terminal (asymmetric communication) and uses a RJ45 Connector. It allows users to have internet access with the use of devices such as PDAs and allow them to transmit information to other Bluetooth enabled devices, e.g. Mobile Phones and PCs.

Omron Corporation
Company Website

BTA-Twin is a Bluetooth access point designed to provide mobility in public areas. End-users are able to get some services via the BTA-Twin from computer networks. The BTA-Twin can have two different antennas and two wireless interfaces for convenience to use Bluetooth.

Pan Asian Telecom
Company Website

Wireless access point product for bluetooth, 802.11a/b.

Pico Communications
Company Website
Founded in December 1999, Pico Communications is developing integrated Bluetooth Internet access point and enterprise management servers.

PicoBlue is their first access point product.
Bluetooth specification 1.1 qualified
Extended range of 100 meters (Class 1)
Bluetooth profiles LAP (LAN Access Profile) and DUNP (Dial-up Networking Profile)
Ethernet RJ-45 uplink (auto-sensing 10/100BaseT)
Supports 7 simultaneous users

Network Support
Automatic: DHCP
Remote: Telnet, HTTP, SNMP
Local: HTTP
Remotely upgradeabl

Bluetooth 128-bit link level encryption
Bluetooth_Address-based authentication
PPP client and server
Radius agent
Authentication protocols: PAP & CHAP

Company Website
Red-M was founded as an internal start-up of Madge Networks N.V. and is focused on enabling Bluetooth and internet technologies for mobile data, voice and video services in the workplace.

Red-M 3000AS Access Server is a self-contained wireless server with the ability to provide a Bluetooth network infrastructure, enabling communication with and between a wide range of devices, including PDAs, laptops, PCs and mobile phones. As well as this The Red-M 3000AS access server provides central management of Bluetooth enabled devices, this includes access points and end points, the ability to roam between access points, and the ability to automatically route all communication to and from the devices wherever they connect to the Bluetooth network.

Red-M 1000AP Access Point allows large buildings to be Bluetooth-enabled to provide users with wireless access to Internet and intranet-based services. It claims coverage of up to 100m in open areas.

Red-M 1050AP Access Point offers that ability to extend LAN network services to devices such as PDAs and laptop PCs. The product provides users with wireless access to Internet and intranet-based services via a range of Bluetooth devices. It is designed to provide low cost mobility and has a range of up to 100m in open areas.

Company Website
Siemens is a global company that is involved in a large number of electrical markets including wireless communications and Bluetooth.

blue2net Bluetooth LAN Access Point using PPP over RFCOMM. blue2net allows up to 7 users or devices to connect simultaneously within a range of 10-30 metres. The access point is compatible with all well-known brands of Bluetooth-enabled devices and is easily configured via a simple web user interface. Fully upgradeable, blue2net uses embedded Linux, has both an integrated WEB server and firewall and supports DHCP.

SuperBT Canada, Inc
Company Website

SuperBT develop and sell wireless access points as well as Bluetooth USB adapters.

Wireless access point SBT-1000 low cost access point based on Coldfire processor. The product will share the network cable data over the wireless connections.

Wireless Access Point SBT-2000 provides wireless access to the Internet from Bluetooth and 802.11b devices. The network cable connection will be shared by wireless clients.

Tecom Co., Ltd.
Company Website
TECOM Co., LTD., a Taiwan based OEM, ODM manufacturer providing telecommunication products, such as Bluetooth, WLAN, xDSL, iDSLAM, Cordless phone, business communication equipments etc.

Bluetooth Access Point - BT3020 enables Bluetooth devices to connect wirelessly & instantly to local area network and the Internet at a small cost.

Zupera Technology Corporation
Company Website

Design, development, & export of embedded systems, industrial computers, mobile computers, Bluetooth technology, & WLAN.

ZBTAP, Z-Bluetooth Access Point. Bluetooth certified, Class one, Access Point, Uplink: 56k modem & fast 10/100


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