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Bluetooth Training

If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Bluetooth University operated by ConnectBlue
Company Website

Four programmes are at present offered:
Bluetooth product development - Introduction

Bluetooth product development - Advanced
Bluetooth in Industry
Bluetooth in Control

Company specific training can also be provided

Code Blue Communications Inc
Company Website

Code Blue Communications Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Seattle Washington. The company designs, develops and markets Bluetooth interface devices and integrated solutions for vertical markets with high proportions of legacy devices and systems. The medical industry is a key target market.  Code Blue Communication’s founder and President, Bill Saltzstein, holds more than 20 years of experience in a variety of positions within the medical and engineering fields, is named on 12 patents and is a regular speaker about the medical field at Bluetooth conferences.

Bluetooth One Day Seminar Training
offers on-site, one-day seminar on Bluetooth technology and use. The current class is particularly oriented towards the medical device industry, but may be adapted to the company's particular needs. Course details.

Ericsson - Bluetooth Academy
Company Website
The inventor of Bluetooth and one of the early core members of SIG offer training in Bluetooth technologies through Web Based Learning and their Bluetooth Academy.
Web Based Learning provides a technical overview and a comprehensive introduction to Bluetooth. You can try out the course by clicking here Demo.

A Application and Training Tool Kit specifically for schools and universities, to allow low cost, convenient hands-on training involving Bluetooth wireless technology. The Bluetooth Application Tool Kit includes the Bluetooth PC Reference Stack with the covered functionality of HCI-driver, L2CAP, RFCOMM and SDI together with a circuit board equipped with the Bluetooth Module from Ericsson.

The tool kit has been developed to enable students in higher education to understand both the theory and applications of Bluetooth short-range radio communication. This kit can only be ordered by educational institutions.

Part of the kit is the entire Bluetooth specification, as well as access to a web based learning program and presentation material. The hardware consists of a module, which can easily be connected to the host computer with a USB connection, which ensures ease of use and full Bluetooth data transfer speed. A well-defined Application Program Interface (API) provides access to the different layers of the protocol stack.

The Bluetooth Academy runs a course entitled "Boosting Product Development".  It combines theory and practice and is aimed at project managers, development engineers, marketing managers and business developers.
It includes a workshop, offering hands-on experience of writing a Bluetooth application.

GA Technology

Leading experts on Bluetooth technology. Offering specialised consultancy in wireless technology development and marketing.

Bluetooth Training Services - Offering a range of training options for wireless technology companies of all sizes.

Company Website
The Himico project was designed by Cosmic Co. Ltd and hdLab in December 1999 aimed at the development of state-of-the-art wireless terminal IPs.

Himico provide seminars for Japanese companies upon request, further details of how to arrange such a seminar can be found by clicking here.

Maxsys Technologies   
Company Website
Maxsys provide Test and Measurement solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. The company has been involved in many projects for clients in the commercial products, industrial equipment, aerospace and biomedical industries. The company also has a close relationship with Agilent, with some Bluetooth solutions based on Agilent technology.

Maxsys offer Training Services

Company Website

As a pan-European distributor of Bluetooth technology products, Nohau has offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Products offered include Bluetooth protocol analyzers and test generators from CATC, Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from Adamya and Bluetooth connectivity products for industrial applications from connectBlue. Nohau also runs regular seminars and training courses on all aspects of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Northland e-learning
Company Website

Northland provide a large number of wireless courses, some instructor-led and others purely e-learning based.

The company offers an elearning course specifically providing a Bluetooth technical overview. The course covers: Introducing Bluetooth, Bluetooth in the Wireless Data Arena, Hopping and timing details, Error control and logical channels, Audio Processing, Bluetooth Security, Bluetooth Operating Modes, Bluetooth Protocols, Bluetooth Application Support, Bluetooth Modules and Using Bluetooth.

PTI Seminars
Company Website

PTI Seminars provides training to the semiconductor and electronic industry PTI. 

Relevant courses coming up include:
RF Wireless Fundamentals
Feb 25-26
San Jose, CA
This course covers:
Basic Problems of Radio, Basic blocks of radio, Radio Designs (mixers, ampliers, filters, etc.), Frequency Synthesis, Phased Lock Loops, Direct Digital Synthesis, Single Loops, Dual Loops, Types of Modulation: (AM,FM,SSB,FSK,and QPSK), Cellular Standards: (AMPS,CDMA,TDMA,GSM).

April 9-10, 2002 San Jose, CA
May 6-7 Penang, Malaysia
July 24-25, 2002 San Francisco, CA (Semicon West)

April 18, 2002 Munich, Germany (Semicon Europa)
May 9, 2002 Singapore (Semicon Singapore)
June 20, 2002 San Jose, CA
July 24, 2002 San Francisco, CA (Semicon West)

Rococo Software
Company Website

Bluetooth Training Courses, current courses include:
 - Bluetooth Seminar for Technologists
 - Interoperability Issues in Bluetooth
 - Building Bluetooth Applications in Java
 - J2ME Application Development for Wireless Devices
 - Building Bluetooth Applications in C++
 - Building J2ME MIDlets for PalmOS
 - Standard Java APIs for Bluetooth

RFI Wireless
Company Website

RFI (Radio Frequency Investigation) , based in UK, provides Bluetooth Training Seminars, as well as  compliance and regulatory solutions for Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Training Seminars are run in association with partners Cetecom S.A. 
RFI runs a series of detailed Bluetooth Seminars covering topics such as basic concepts, the Bluetooth Qualification Program and test specifications. RFI & Cetecom can provide Basic, Advanced and Advanced Plus programs in-house for up to 20 delegates.

Company Website
RTT provide a range of training courses relating to wireless product design

Bluetooth one-day training course - held in the UK
Dates - 7th November 2001, 30th January 2002, 6th November 2002

Stollmann E+V GmbH
Company Website
Stollmann develops Bluetooth and ISDN protocol stacks and OEM products. Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany. Stollmann and its 30 developers and engineers have developed more than 150 products over the past seven years. Its modular and flexible software architecture supports various PC systems, embedded hardware, and operating system platforms.

Stollmann is offering a Bluetooth tutorial explaining all the most important aspects for Bluetooth integration. This tutorial is based on a series of presentations and workshops held by Stollmann on the topic of Bluetooth. This tutorial addresses the following topics: Basic Bluetooth technology, product reviews and surveys, integration of serial Bluetooth modules, and integration of a Bluetooth protocol stack. It therefore covers, in a succinct way, all the factors that feature in the development of Bluetooth products.

Teleca Comtec AB
Company Website
Teleca, established 1974, is a supplier of hardware and software engineering services for advanced systems, electronic equipment and applications. 

Application And Training Tool Kit enables students in higher education to understand both the theory and applications of Bluetooth short-range radio communication. Exclusively for universities and educational institutions. Point to Multipoint communication.

Bluetooth Academy "Boosting Product Development" is a Bluetooth training program. The course is a combination of theory and practice and is for everyone from project managers and development engineers to marketing managers and business developers.
Company Website

Bluetooth - A Technology Overview
Designed to address all areas of Bluetooth technology - developed in conjunction with Dr Jennifer Bray of Cambridge Silicon Radio, co-author of “Bluetooth – Connect without Cables”. A copy of her book is included as a detailed reference source both during and after the course
The course will focus on the following areas:
    * Bluetooth - What is it for?
    * Bluetooth - Usage Models
    * Protocol Stack Components
    * Module layers of the Protocol Stack
    * Common host layers
    * Cross layer functions
    * Profile specific host layers
    * Test mode & type approval
    * System design
    * Complementary technologies
    * Markets - key success factors
    * Future - evolution of Bluetooth

TPG Training
Company Website
Started in 1987, TPG Training has provided up-to-the minute telecoms and datacoms training for all disciplines.

TGP offer an online Bluetooth Wireless Technology Overview e-learning package. This course  uncovers the technology behind Bluetooth, its origins and evolution and takes a detailed look at the transport protocols, the creation of Bluetooth  wireless technology networks and their relationship with existing mobile and fixed WANs and LANs.

Bluetooth 4th December 2001
These 1 day training sessions provide an overview of Bluetooth, detailed benefits and drawbacks of the technology, understanding the radio interface used in Bluetooth technology as well as to gain an appreciation of applications that Bluetooth can enable. The course will focus on the following areas:
    * Overview of Bluetooth
    * Applications useful with Bluetooth 
    * Air Interface
    * Multiple Devices
    * Bluetooth Hardware
    * Bluetooth Software
    * Performance
    * Competing technologies
    * Implementation

Vibrant Tech Private Ltd     
Company Website
The company was established in 1996, based in Bangalore, India.
The company provides in-house training and seminars in Bluetooth and other technologies, as well as consultancy services.

WK Multimedia Network Training
Company Website

WKMN offer Web Based Learning titled  A Newbie's Guide to Wireless Networks
Although this course does not primarily concern Bluetooth technologies it is included within the course. It provides an introduction to all wireless technologies including RF, Mobile Telephony, WANs, LANs, PANs and their applications. This is a suitable course for anyone within the IT and technology industries with particular emphasis on networking.


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