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Bluetooth Market

Market Reports & Studies

Suppliers of Market Reports and Studies
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Allied Business Intelligence Inc
Company Website
A market research company covering a wide range of electronics markets, particularly the mobile & network technology, including Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G & 802.11b.

The ARC group
Company website
The ARC group provides a range of Analysis, Research and Consultancy services to leading clients around the world, with a team of full time consultants based in the UK supported by a global network of associates and analysts. 

"Bluetooth 2001 Industry Survey"- published late summer 2001
Table of Contents
The report surveys industry opinion (from 900 questionnaire returns) on the development and growth of Bluetooth markets and technologies relating to issues such as price per unit for inclusion of Bluetooth by end 2001,  numbers of Bluetooth devices in 2006 and synergistic technologies likely to be used with Bluetooth.

This report can be ordered online.

"Bluetooth - Personal Area Networks" - published November 2001- 150 pages
Table of Contents - this report comes with a free copy of the Bluetooth 2001 Industry Survey
As Bluetooth moves to commercialisation, this report examines the key success factors for Bluetooth Personal Area Networks, including:

The impact of the PAN Profile on Bluetooth applications
Most likely early Bluetooth applications
Bluetooth application development and deployment
The Bluetooth product and infrastructure roadmap
Building the business case and optimising business opportunities

Cahners Instat 
Company website
Cahners Instat provide extensive market intelligence for the wireless industry.  
Their offerings in the Bluetooth arena

2001 Bluetooth Survey: Consumers vs Enterprise    Report         August 2001
37 pages, price $2495
Cahners' latest report analyses the changes since their 2000 consumer survey, to which a few additional questions were added.  The survey measured consumer familiarity with Bluetooth and interest in its benefits, interest in accessing the Internet and location-based information via Bluetooth and the premium consumers might pay.
Press Release
Table of Contents, Figures, Tables

Forrester Research
Company website
Forrester Research provide market studies and customised research for the wireless industry.
It's new Bluetooth report - October 2001 - predicts Bluetooth will become the preferred shortrange wireless link for mobile phones, PDAs, and consumer gadgets, and will win on cost, power consumption and support for real-time applications like voice.   In 2006, the report predicts, Bluetooth will be present in 73 percent of phones and 44 percent of PDAs. It will rule device-to-device communication, enabling seamless communication between phones, printers, PDAs and scanners in the office and between phones, smart home control units, TVs and VCRs in the home, as well as delivering powerful vertical solutions.

Frost & Sullivan
Company Website
Frost & Sullivan provide extensive market studies and customised research programmes for the wireless industry.  Their offerings in the Bluetooth arena include:

Bluetooth End-User Perceptions Study     June 2001, and 
Bluetooth Market Update                            August 2001

Extracts from these reports are available on their website, although you will have to register your contact details (free) to gain access to these.

Micrologic Research
Company Website
The company was founded in 1992 and provides information on the wireless-communications market. They have produced a number of books analysing the market these include:
     * Wireless 2001, a Study of the Worldwide Cellular Telephone Market
     * Wireless Data Communications 2001 - Includes study on Wireless LAN's, Broadband Wireless, Expanded Bluetooth Coverage and Telematics.
     * Bluetooth2002 - Includes stu

A dictionary of communications terms can also be be downloaded from their website.

Company Website
The  'Data on Bluetooth' report was published in 200 and aims to help those implementing and deploying Bluetooth applications, services and products to gain the maximum business benefit from the technology. It aims to help with Bluetooth-related investment decisions by providing a clearer picture of the extent to which Bluetooth is in a position to deliver on its promises and the ways in which its potential can best be exploited.  Data on Bluetooth has been compiled through months of research involving interviews, presentations, conference sessions and panel debates covering all the key aspects of the technology.  It also relies on the author’s 20 years experience of the technology, communications and media markets and the demands that businesses make of any new technology they are offered.
What it covers
Table of contents

Company website
Northstream is a leading management consultancy in the wireless world with a strong focus on short range technologies and a supporter of Bluetooth.  They offer Bluetooth market analysis and strategy assistance.

Company Website
"Bluetooth: Users, Applications & Technologies"
Published June 2001
Authors: Jeremy Green, Rob Gear, Nick Harman, Iain Stevenson
This report answers key question, such as:

  • How big is the market for Bluetooth devices and services? 
  • How will the public access possibilities impact on telcos revenues?
  • How does Bluetooth fit into 3G? Is it a better way of rolling out broadband networks?
  • Where is Bluetooth in relation to other short-range technologies such as WiFi/802.11?
  • How does Bluetooth fit into the major manufacturers’ product strategies?
  • How far will Bluetooth complement, and how far will it compete with, mobile network operators’ wireless Internet services?
  • What devices and services are coming on stream?

Company website

The Bluetooth Report 2001-2004
Market potential, functionality, security, speed and 'killer applications' 

The Bluetooth Report examines this technology at a critical time in its deployment. As the first units begin to become available to the general public, this report examines the following questions:

  • Is there a market for the functions Bluetooth enables?
  • How does Bluetooth compare to the other available wireless technologies?
  • What does the industry think about Bluetooth's potential?
  • How is a Bluetooth connection organized?
  • How secure will Bluetooth transmissions be?
  • How fast will Bluetooth transmissions be?
  • What, if any, will be the 'killer application' for Bluetooth?

As well as this it includes a survey of the industry itself, put together over 2 months, in which it asks members of the industry specific questions about how they will be dealing with Bluetooth.

Venture Development Corporation
Company Website
Venture Development Corporation is a technology research and management consulting firm serving the worldwide electronics industry. Founded in 1971, VDC offers in-depth market research, as well as custom strategic planning and consulting services in the areas of industrial automation, instrumentation, computers and peripherals, communications and consumer electronics.

The Global Market for Wearable Computers: The Quest for Killer Applications, in preparation

The North American Market for Wireless Monitoring and Control in Discrete and Process Manufacturing Applications, published in March 2002

The 2001 Global Wireless LAN Business Planning Program Volume: Global Markets and Applications for Wireless LAN's, published in December 2001

The Global Markets for Rugged Mobile Computers, published in March 2001


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