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Bluetooth Glossary

Please e-mail us with any additional definitions you think we should include and we will happily add them. Thank you.

Another useful glossary of Bluetooth terms can be found 
Tality's Useful Glossary & Useful Ericsson Glossary



AP                  Access Point - a (short range) wireless basestation which allows a wireless device to access a network    

ACK               Acknowledgement protocol

ACL               Asynchronous Connectionless Link - used for data communications over Bluetooth

AGC                Automatic Gain Control

AMPS             American Mobile Phone System, US cellular standard

API                 Application Programming Interface

ARIB              Japanese Association of Radio Industries and Businesses

ARQ               Automatic Repeat Request (protocol)

AWGN           Additive White Gaussian Noise

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BER                Bit Error Rate (or Ratio), a measure of the quality of a wireless link

BPSK             Binary Phase Shift Keying modulation

BQA              Bluetooth Qualification Administrator

BQB               Bluetooth Qualified Body

BQRB            Bluetooth Qualification Review Board

BQ PRD       Bluetooth Qualification Program Reference Document 

BQTF             Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility

BS                  Base station - the fixed radio component of a cordless link, single channel or multi channel. 
                       Term also used in cellular radio

BT                 Bandwidth-Time product for GMSK modulation
                      Sometimes the abbreviation BT is also used as a shorthand for Bluetooth (non-preferred usage)

BTR               Bit Timing Recovery, used to permit synchronisation across a radio link

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CDMA             Code Division Multiple Access

CF                    Compact Flash, a standard for plug-in add-ons for PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players etc

CRC                  Cyclic Redundancy Check, a form of error control

CSMA              Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CVSD                Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation, the speech coding scheme used by Bluetooth

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DCA                 Dynamic Channel Assignment

DECT                Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, the ETSI standard

(originally, prior to 1995, Digital European Cordless Telecommunications)

DLC                 Data Link Control layer, protocol layer of the OSI stack

DPIT               Designated  Profile Interoperability Testers

DSP                 Digital Signal Processing

DUN                Dial Up Networking

Duplex             Simultaneous two way communication

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EMC                 ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

ETSI                 European Telecommunications Standards Institute

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FCC              US Federal Communications Commission

FDD              Frequency Division Duplex

FDMA           Frequency Division Multiple Access

FEC                Forward Error Correction - a method of protecting against corruption of transmitted bits 

FHS                Frequency Hop Synchronisation - a type of packet used in Bluetooth used to allow device discovery

FHSS             Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, hopping a carrier amongst a pseudorandom sequence of channels

FSK                Frequency Shift Keying

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GAP                Generic Access Profile of DECT

GFSK              Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying, the modulation scheme used by Bluetooth

GMSK             Gaussian filtered Minimum Shift Keying

GPRS               Generalised Packet Radio Service, of GSM

GPS                 Global Positioning System

GSM                Global System for Mobile, the digital cellular radio system specified by ETSI, adopted worldwide

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Handoff         The procedure whereby communications between a cordless device and an access point are automatically routed via an alternative access point (or possibly via an alternative channel to the same one) when this is necessary and appropriate to maintain or improve communications

Handover       Another term for Handoff

HCI                 Host Controller Interface

HDLC             High level Data Link Control - type of protocol

HIPERLAN    HIgh PErformance Radio Local Area Network, an ETSI 5GHz wireless networking standard

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IEEE 802.11     WLAN data communication standard

IN                     Intelligent Network

IS54                 US Digital AMPS standard

IS95                 US CDMA cellular standard

ISM                 Industrial, Scientific and Medical - the unlicensed 2.5 GHz frequency band used by Bluetooth.  

ISO                  International Standards Organisation

IWP                Interworking Profile

IWU                Interworking Unit

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J, K


L2CAP              Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol 

LAN                  Local Area Network

LM or LMP      Link Manager (Protocol)

LNA                  Low Noise Amplifier

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MAC                 Medium Access Control, protocol layer

Microdiversity Diversity between antennas with relatively small spacing (of order quarter wavelength) to counter multipath fading effects

MOS                 Mean Opinion Score, used in speech quality measurements

MoU                 Memorandum of Understanding

MPEG               Motion Pictures Expert Group, family of video codec standards

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NACK              Not Acknowledge - a form of protocol where action is taken if no acknowledgement is received

NWK/NWL     Network Layer, protocol layer

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OBEX                Generalised Multi-Transport) Object Exchange Protocol 

OS                     Operating System

OSI                     Open Systems Interconnection 
                            The ISO standard for communications, a seven layer reference model for protocol specification

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PA                    Power Amplifier

PAN                Personal Area Network

PCMCIA         Personal Computer Manufacturers' Card Industry Association, a standard for plug-in PC cards, now usually known simply as PC Card

PCS                  Personal Communications Service

PDA                 Personal Digital Assistant

PDC                 The Japanese Personal Digital Cellular standard

PHL or PHY    Physical Layer, lowest protocol layer

PHS                  Personal Handyphone System - Japanese cordless standard

Piconet            A single network of a Bluetooth master and (up to seven) slave device(s)

PIT                   Profile Interoperability Testers

PSM                  Protocol & Service Multiplexer, used in Bluetooth

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QPL                    Qualified Products List, maintained by the Bluetooth SIG, a list of all Bluetooth-compliant products

QPSK                 Quadrature Phase Shift Keying modulation

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RFCOMM        Serial Port Emulation, part of the Bluetooth protocol stack

RFI                     Radio Frequency Interference

RFID                 Radio Frequency Identification

RLAN                Radio Local Area Network

RSSI                  Received Signal Strength Indication

RTOS                Real Time Operating System

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Scatternet       A collection of interconnected Bluetooth piconets

SCO                 Synchronous Connection Oriented link - used for voice communications over Bluetooth

SDLC               Synchronous Data Link Control

SDP                   Service Discovery Protocol     

SIM                  Subscriber Identification Module, as used eg in  GSM

Simplex            One way communication

SMS                 Short Message Service, as used in a cellular network 

SMT                 Surface Mount Technology

SNR                  Signal to Noise Ratio

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TCRL                Test Case Reference List, part of the Qualification Program, a list of relevant test cases

TCS                   Telephony Control protocol  Specification

TCH                  Traffic Channel

TDD                  Time Division Duplex

TDM                  Time Division Multiplexing

TDMA               Time Division Multiple Access

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U, V

UMTS                 Universal Mobile Telecommunication Service, being standardised by ETSI

UPF                    UnPlug Fest, interoperability testing conferences (restricted attendance) organised by the Bluetooth SIG

VCO                     Voltage Controlled Oscillator

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W, X, Y, Z

WLAN                 Wireless Local Area Network

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