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Bluetooth semiconductors, component, single chip solutions with bluetooth stack

Directory of Bluetooth semiconductors, component, single chip solutions with bluetooth stack from companies including Microtune, Transilica, rf silicon, ST Microelectronics, CSR, and Zeevo inc.

If you know of other Bluetooth semiconductors, component, single chip solutions with bluetooth stack from other Bluetooth companies please add the company details. Thank you.

Broadcom Corporation
Company Website
The Broadcom Corporation, founded in 1991 is a provider of integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services.

BCM2033 Single-Chip Bluetooth System
is a complete Bluetooth 1.1 compliant single-chip Bluetooth solution integrating the 2.4 GHz fractional-N radio transceiver and baseband controller. It is a suitable solution for a wide range of wireless communication and networking applications, including mobile phones , PCs, laptops, PDAs, and other peripheral devices. The radio section of the BCM2033 incorporates the complete receive and transmit paths, including PLL, VCO, LNA, PA, upconverter, downconverter, modulator, demodulator, and channel select filtering. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

BCM2013 Single-Chip Processor with integrated 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver is a Bluetooth 1.1 compliant single-chip Processor with an integrated 2.4GHz Transceiver. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Cambridge Silicon Radio, CSR
Company website
CSR designs and manufactures single-chip radio devices and reference designs using them, initially focussed on Bluetooth, where the company has a high market share of design-ins. CSR's solutions are based on commodity low cost CMOS technology.  See also their design solutions.

Single-chip solutions for creating Bluetooth products   

Four application-specific standard parts ASSPs are planned for 2002:
BlueCore2-Audio: onchip codec to implement single-chip headset (includes Flash, but CSR will offer ROM versions).
BlueCore2-ARM: onchip ARM7-TDMI and DSP cores for implementing Bluetooth access points, cordless phones etc.
BlueCore2-DSP: onchip DSP core for MP3 decoding, JPEG encoding, echo cancellation etc, plus loudspeaker driver.
BlueCore2-CDMA: a radio-only Bluetooth device for systems hosted by a CDMA chipset, with BlueQ1/Q2 interface

BlueCore1 has become the market leader in Bluetooth silicon, accounting for around half of all qualified Bluetooth products. It is available in very high volume, with a UART interface (BlueCore1b-URT), or a USB/UART interface (BlueCore1b-USB). Datasheet.

BlueCore2. BlueCore2 offers twice the range of BlueCore1, at 40-50% of the power consumption. It operates over the full industrial temperature range (-40 to +85 °C), and is fabricated using a finer (0.18 µm) CMOS process and new VF-BGA packaging to deliver a space saving of 50%. Initially available with an external memory interface to suit developers (datasheet), it will be followed by a version with the HCI Bluetooth stack in ROM (BlueCore2-ROM), and then in Q2 2002 by a variant with 8Mbits on-chip Flash.

This version integrates the Flash memory reducing the required PCB area by one third, giving a subsystem size of 1.5cm2 or less PCB plus antenna

The next product will integrate the I/O, starting with an audio codec, allowing customers to create 1-chip systems with a target size of 1cm2 or less PCB plus antenna.

GCT Semiconductor Inc
Company Website

Single Chip Solution - GDM 1101 is a Bluetooth single-chip CMOS IC with integrated radio & baseband providing a complete Bluetooth 1.1 solution, which is comprised of a radio transceiver, a Bluetooth baseband controller with bit processor, a GCT proprietary 32-bit embedded RISC processor, and UART/PCM/USB standard/peripheral interfaces. The on-chip 32-bit embedded RISC processor is powerful enough to support full rate Bluetooth data communications and includes sufficient embedded SRAM to support both embedded solutions or voice applications without external memory, which results in low-power consumption and a more cost-effective solutions. A few external elements such as external antenna, crystal and 128KB flash memory are needed for complete Bluetooth systems. Features include:

 - Class 2 and 3(1 to 10 meter range) compliant to Bluetooth
Specification 1.1
 - Fully integrated, radio transceiver with on-chip PLL, VCO,
LNA, PA, up/down converter, and digital GFSK modem
 - -80dBm minimum receiver sensitivity
 - Standard UART, USB with host/device combo functions
and 13/14bit PCM interfaces
 - Integrated 64MIPS GCT proprietary PiCOII-RISC embedded
 - On-chip implementation of Link Controller, Link Manager,
HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP and common profiles
 - Provides system power control of radio and microprocessor
 - Supports multiple reference clock frequency
 - 0.18um RF CMOS technology

MC Test Products
Company Website
MC Test designs and manufactures ATE Test Hardware, Loadboards, Performance Boards, Probe Cards, verification boards, demo boards and Electro-mechanical Interfaces to Bluetooth Semiconductor Companies for characterization and production test.

Microtune (see also Transilica)
Company Website

Microtune provides RF silicon and systems 'gateway' solutions for the broadband communications and consumer electronics markets, with a portfolio of advanced RF tuner, amplifier and transceiver products.  

Microtune announced its acquisition of Transilica, already a supplier to the Bluetooth market, in October 2001, with completion due November 2001.

Silicon & Software Systems (S3) 
Company Website

Silicon & Software Systems is a provider of Electronic Design Services. Established in 1986, the company has knowledge in the areas of IC, Software and Hardware Design experience in house. In the Bluetooth arena, S3 has already delivered solutions in respect of RFCMOS, Baseband IC (ASSP), LM & LC Protocol Stack and SoC developments. The company also has experience in a number of relating technologies to Bluetooth including: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, 802.11x, DECT, USB, and VoIP.

Silicon Wave, Inc.
Company Website

Silicon Wave is a provider of low-power, highly integrated RF communication system components for the global Bluetooth wireless market.

UltimateBlue 3000 Bluetooth Radio Processor includes the UltimateBlue 3000, a integrated CMOS-based single-chip radio processor that combines a direct conversion radio modem with an ARM7TDMI® processor core, Bluetooth baseband logic, and complete protocol software in ROM. 

ST Microelectronics
ST Microelectronics announced intentions in December 1999 to collaborate with Ericsson in developing Bluetooth  products.

Bluevelvet single chip IC - The STw2400 is a single-chip device which  integrates the complete RF transceiver, the Bluetooth core licensed from Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson and an ARM7 based microcontroller.  It is designed on the STMicroelectronics advanced RFCMOS process. This process enables the integration on a single chip of VLSI digital cells as well as the radio front-end. The STw2400 is designed for implementation requiring minimum use of external components.
The ARM7™ based microcontroller and the advanced radio support all Bluetooth data modes, including 3 and 5 slots high bit rates, in addition to voice. It supports Bluetooth Class 2, and, with an external RF power amplifier, class 1 implementation.  The Bluetooth protocol stack supplied by STMicroelectronics runs on the internal microcontroller.

Transilica         (see also Microtune)      
Company Website

Transilica designs CMOS-based system-on-chip products based on Bluetooth, 802.11a and other short-range wireless technologies. The company offer a series called Onechip that provides system-on-chip design.

TR0740 OneChip with Serial Port Interface has the full Bluetooth Stack and application profiles. It has Bluetooth SoC with 32 programmable GPIO's, 2 SPI's, and dual performance UART's. The high GPIO count makes it suitable for devices for I/O-intensive applications like wireless keyboards or game controllers. The chip is packaged in BGA 64 for high volume manufacturing. Click here for a PDF file on the product.

TR0750 OneChip with integrated Codec has the full Bluetooth Stack and application profiles. It has fully functional Bluetooth SoC with an internal audio CODEC designed for short-range voice and data communications. It's suitable for applications such as  short-range wireless headsets. It can also be suitable for long-range applications (such as cordless telephones and intercom systems), with an external RF booster amplifier to be added using its internal PA power controls. Click here for a PDF file on the product.

TR0760 OneChip with integrated USB interface the full Bluetooth Stack and application profiles. It is a Bluetooth SoC with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. Its suitable for use with portable devices such a notebook computers, handhelds and digital cameras. It can also be used for USB dongles and fixed devices such a printers and PCs. Click here for a PDF file on the product.

Zeevo Inc.
Company Website
Zeevo, Inc. is a semiconductor company focused on "system-on-a-chip" (SoC) solutions for the communications industry. Zeevo’s expertise includes RF, Analog, Digital Baseband, and Memory on a single chip. Zeevo has implemented wireless connectivity in consumer devices such as PDAs, digital cameras, PCs, laptops, printers, and consumer appliances using Bluetooth technology.

BQ1.1Zeevo TC2000 is a highly integrated, single-chip, Bluetooth solution implemented in 0.18-micron CMOS process with unique packaging and requires a single 3.3V supply voltage. The product integrates in one surface-mount package all of the functions needed for a Bluetooth version 1.1 product: filters, RF, analog, baseband, CPU, and memory. A single pin RF interface for transmit and receive eliminates the need for external RF switch and balun.

BQ1.1Zeevo TC2000 - Cable Replacement Solution, Zerial Platform is a Bluetooth serial platform. It solves the challenges of developing bundled wireless cable replacement products, thus reducing the time to market for customer integration.

BQ1.1 Zeevo TC2000 - PC System Solution for PDAs, PC and a wide range of PC peripherals is a must for companies implementing Bluetooth and 802.11b. Zeevo has developed a coexistence solution to resolve the performance when these two devices are co-located.

TC2001 - TC2001 offers on-chip audio, automatic crystal tuning, improved RF performance compared to TC2000. SoC and eval kits are available now.



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