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Bluetooth / Wireless Consulting, Consultancy & Design

Many Bluetooth technology and wireless consulting firms listed. Providing services including consultancy, wireless project, design and engineering, software development, bluetooth training and telecommunications consulting.

If you know of other Bluetooth / Wireless Consulting, Consultancy & Design Service firms please add the company details. Thank you.

AMS Mobile & Wireless
Company Website

Mobile Network Design Solutions offer complete Mobile & Wireless solutions and ensure that an enterprise's needs are met. They can help you extend an enterprise applications to the mobile user and provide real-time access and updates, thus increasing productivity and efficiency of your mobile and field workers and improving the bottom line. 

Company Website
AU-System provides consultancy services in the mobile communications / Internet space. The company also provides integrated marketing communications services through its subsidiary Sandberg Trygg.  Consulting Services and technological solutions based on emerging technologies within IT and telecommunications (including WAP over Bluetooth) has included work with Ericsson.   Other services within the Bluetooth industry include solution development using pre-qualified software

Code Blue Communications Inc
Company Website

Code Blue Communications Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Seattle Washington. The company designs, develops and markets Bluetooth interface devices and integrated solutions for vertical markets with high proportions of legacy devices and systems. The medical industry is a key target market.  Code Blue Communication’s founder and President, Bill Saltzstein, holds more than 20 years of experience in a variety of positions within the medical and engineering fields, is named on 12 patents and is a regular speaker about the medical field at Bluetooth conferences.

Wireless Medical  Consultancy Services are provided by Code Blue to be a resource in the technologies of both Bluetooth and 802.11b. The service provides past experience,  knowledge with the combination of wireless and medical particularly, and alliances who can bring resources in other wireless modalities.

Cambridge Consultant Ltd. 
Company Website

This company focuses upon design and development using leading technologies. It offers design and development innovative products, processes and systems. As a part of this Cambridge Consultants also offer technology-based consulting for companies, particularly in the areas of DECT and Bluetooth. 

Cambridge Consultants do not offer any specific Bluetooth solutions or products, instead they have a products business known as Mezoe. Details of Mezoe's products can be found on The Wireless Directory's Developer Tools and Protocol Stack pages.

Combra Industiteknik         
Company Website

Combra is an IT consultant company based in Stockholm, Sweden which specialises in Bluetooth, LONworks and e-learning.

Combra offers consultancy on Bluetooth software and hardware solutions, project management and certification. 

Company Website
ConnectBlue specialize in integrating Bluetooth based communication solutions in applications and equipment for industrial or commercial use, offering complete hardware and software solutions. It is a supplier of complete Bluetooth solutions for industrial and commercial use. ConnectBlue serves companies with hardware and software solutions, Bluetooth products and training and seminar program. 

ConnectBlue offers consultancy services specializes in integrating Bluetooth based communication solutions in applications and products for industrial and commercial use. The services can range from feasibility study to product management both of hardware and software products covering the product development stages (including qualification) in creating Bluetooth products.

G&W Instruments GmbH
Company website 
G&W Instruments offers R&D and consulting services for embedded and PC based systems. Our main expertise include Bluetooth Hardware and Software as well as digital signal processing.

Bluetooth Design In and Consulting. G&W Instruments offers design in and consulting services for companies planning to integrate bluetooth technology into their exitsing products or want to develop new bluetooth products. Services offered include hardware integration, software integration, compatibility testing and qualification.

IAR Systems
Company Website
IAR Systems is a supplier of development tools for embedded systems and Bluetooth development and testing. The company offer embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stacks, Bluetooth test & qualification tools, Bluetooth Starter Kits, C/EC++ compilers and UML tools.

Bluetooth consulting services  
IAR Systems have been involved in development of Bluetooth products for several years, with considerable experience in both hardware design and software development for Bluetooth related products. IAR Systems is a Certified Bluetooth Solution Provider appointed by Ericsson Microelectronics. 

Mindtree Consulting
Company Website
Mindtree specializes in offering product realization services to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into product designs cost effectively.   

Product Design Services
* Application & UI Development
* Porting Stack to different OS
* Profile development
(on 3rd party stacks)
* Embedding Stack/Profiles
* FPGA/SoC/ASSP design
* Board Development
* End Applications
* LAN Access Point
* Printers, PC Peripherals
* Mobile phones
* PDAs
* Digital Camera
* Set top box

Penell (An RTX Company)
Company Website

Penell A/S serves manufacturers and others who want to implement communication technology into devices, products and instruments. It is a development and design house specialising in wireless communications with particular focus on Bluetooth applications.

Penell also offers a range of services including: Software Development, Hardware Development, Turnkey Solution and Product Development, and Technology Consultancy.  They also sell their own Bluetooth development board.

Rappore Technologies            
Company Website
Rappore focuses on compatibility between different technologies, platforms and operating systems., by providing a bridge between wireless technologies (such as Bluetooth) and connecting these with the existing wired technologies. Rappore also provides security software for wireless communications.  

The company offers consultancy to companies wishing to integrate wireless technologies into their product designs. 

Rococo Software
Company Website

Consultancy Services to provide customized workshops on how to get Bluetooth up and running and how to port applications to different Bluetooth stacks and operating systems are also available.

 RTX Telecom
Company website
RTX Telecom is one of the world's leading independent suppliers of Total Product Development Solutions, focusing exclusively on advanced wireless communication standards such as DECT, Bluetooth and CDMA.  RTX Telecom is a highly focused company, solely dedicated to the development and design of advanced wireless communication products for the telecommunications, manufacturing and medical industries. 

Silicon & Software Systems (S3) 
Company Website

Silicon & Software Systems is a provider of Electronic Design Services. Established in 1986, the company has knowledge in the areas of IC, Software and Hardware Design experience in house. In the Bluetooth arena, S3 has already delivered solutions in respect of RFCMOS, Baseband IC (ASSP), LM & LC Protocol Stack and SoC developments. The company also has experience in a number of relating technologies to Bluetooth including: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, 802.11x, DECT, USB, and VoIP.

Teleca Comtec AB
Company Website
Teleca, established 1974, is a supplier of hardware and software engineering services for advanced systems, electronic equipment and applications. 

Engineering Services focused on new technology and R&D. Teleca specializes in the design, development and integration of advanced software and electronics, typically for real-time embedded systems, high-performance services, device-related applications and industrial automation. <<consultancy>>

Company Website 

Telelogic is a supplier of solutions for advanced software development. The company can provide integrated products and professional services for the end-to-end software development lifecycle. Telelogic aims to enable organisations to improve quality and predictability, while reducing time-to-market and overall costs. 

Telelogic offer Consulting Services in the industries of Telecommunications, Military/Aerospace and Automotive. The consultancy work can include: Application definition and architecture, prototyping: pre-study and pilot projects, process and methodology improvement and definition, requirements, information and knowledge management, software testing, telelogic products customization, bespoke development, project management, target integration, application development, tool environment integration, project analysis, implementation planning, lifecycle model customization, code migration, on-site support and training.

Vibrant Tech Private Ltd     
Company Website
The company was established in 1996, based in Bangalore, India.
The company provides consultancy services as well as in-house training and seminars in Bluetooth and other technologies.


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