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Bluetooth testing, qualification and certification services

Directory of bluetooth testing, qualification and certification services. Also bluetooth development, test equipment, BQB, BQTF, BQPL & BQTF's as well as other wireless software and application testing services from a number of bluetooth firms including telelogic, tuv rheinland, cetecom and many more.

If you know of other bluetooth testing, qualification and certification services from other Bluetooth firms please add the company details. Thank you.

For information on the process of Bluetooth Testing & Product Qualification, including an introduction to BQBs and BQTFs, please see our Qualification Page.

Company Website
7Layers focus on a range of services for the Information's and Communications Sector. The company places particular focus on wireless technologies including Bluetooth, W-CDMA and GSM. 7Layers targets driving new technologies, enhancing product development, testing, worldwide approvals, research and feasibility studies and new technology training.

In July 2001 the 7 Layers facility in Ratingen became the first officially accredited Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility world-wide. 7 layers offers full scope Bluetooth testing in three test facilities in Ratingen (Germany), in Cambridge (UK) and in Irvine (USA).   7 layers has three manufacturer independent BQB's (Bluetooth Qualification Body), two in Ratingen (Germany) and one in Irvine (USA), which are authorised to list products on the "Bluetooth Qualified Product List". 

Product Service Development and State-of-the-art Testing offer the customer customized solutions that integrate objective consulting and independent testing into the product (or service) development process. These two services are usually run together as it allows errors in development to be discovered as early as possible. 
     The Product Service Development looks at the following areas - product requirements capturing, requirements engineering, product specifications and verification and validation for various life cycle phases. Whilst the State-of-the-art Testing looks at research and development tests, integration and implementation tests, in-house test facility management, validation of test systems and product evaluation.
    Qualification this is of particular interest for manufacturers of end-user products. It offers the use of accredited laboratories to carry out development, approval and certification testing for all of 7Layers competence areas. Preparation of regulatory documentation necessary and that organization for worldwide qualification and certification for the manufacturer. The service focuses on operation of accredited laboratories, preparing regulatory documentation, worldwide qualification and certification.

Company Website
BABT has a number of Bluetooth TM Qualification Body appointments around the world, able to offer Bluetooth wireless technology equipment suppliers the full range of BQB services. 

BABT, part of the TÜV Product Service group of companies, can also offer equipment and component manufacturers an compliance management, consultancy, testing, regulatory, and certification service, with a reputation for technical integrity and customer focus, at local level but on a global scale. 

BABT has partnered with 7Layers for Bluetooth testing & qualification in the USA. BABT/TÜV Product Service is part of the TÜV Süddeutschland group of companies with 9,000 employees and 110 offices worldwide.

CETECOM S.A.                   
Company Website
CETECOM, S.A. works in the global solutions for the industrial, technological and services field. The company is specially focused on Bluetooth technology. CETECOM network has been involved in the development of the test specifications for the Qualification Program in a close co-operation with the SIG.

Qualification Testing & BQB Services CETECOM can perform pre-qualification or qualification testing for blue unit, protocol, profile, RF and profile interoperability. CETECOM, S.A. is BQTF candidate.

BITE (Bluetooth Qualification Testers)
this is a family of modern, automatic and integrated Conformance Testers to Qualify Bluetooth products: BITE Protocol Profile Tester, BITE Engineering Tester, BITE Blue Unit Tester and BITE RF Tester. BITE demos can be downloaded from their web site.

Regulatory Testing & International Type Approval this includes a wide range of testing and consultancy services to get international certificates that will allow manufacturers to place Bluetooth products worldwide.

Company Website

ECCT has two core activities. 1. a design house for telecommunication terminals like cordless telephones (DECT), featurephones, answering devices, Bluetooth equipment and mobile telephones. 2. a pre-qualification house for telecom equipment and guiding manufactorers throughout the approval processes worldwide.

Provides design house services in Bluetooth telephony, Bluetooth and GPRS,. It is also a pre-qualification house and taking care on the approbation and certification of Bluetooth products including PC Cards.

Electronic Technology Systems
Company website
ETS Dr.Genz GmbH - accredited test house & certification body
BZT - ETS Certification GmbH - notified body

ETS provides a complete solution for Bluetooth testing, qualification, certification and approval:

- Bluetooth test for full radio conformance
- Bluetooth protocol and profile testing
- Bluetooth interoperability testing against Blue Unit devices
- Bluetooth interoperability profile testing against a lot of other Bluetooth products
- Bluetooth qualification by ETS’s BQB
- Regulatory testing according R&TTE directive (radio, emc, safety)
- R&TTE certification by our Notified Body
- Regulatory testing according FCC (US) and IC (CAN)
- International approvals by our International Approval Departments

The ETS world-wide network consists of the head-quarters in Germany, several branch offices all over the world and test laboratories in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and USA. Please take a look for our whole offers concerning GSM, GPRS, DECT, general radio, EMC and safety.

Company Website

SEMKO AB is a highly specialised testing and certification institute. The company mainly tests electrical products for domestic or office use, including display terminals and telecommunications equipment.

Bluetooth Qualification & Certification Services

Formalized Design, Inc

We Are A Team of Analog IC, RFIC, ASIC, FPGA , PCB Engineers And Project Managers Who Specialize In Helping Complex Wireless and Communications Front End Or Back End Design Verification Projects Stay On Schedule. We’re The Chip Express Experts.

Bluetooth Design and Verification Services
Chip micro-architects and chip implementation engineers (SoC ASIC or Custom IP) who have completed multiple Bluetooth and other types of Wireless Broadband and Communication Chips using BiCMOS, CMOS or SiGe processes.

Hyper Corp
Company website

Hyper Corp provide Bluetooth Qualification Services, enabling product manufacturers to use the Bluetooth interoperability logo on products and advertising material.  They were thefirst appointed Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) in North America

IAR Systems
Company Website
IAR Systems is a supplier of development tools for embedded systems and Bluetooth development and testing. The company offer embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stacks, Bluetooth test & qualification tools, Bluetooth Starter Kits, C/EC++ compilers and UML tools.

IAR PreQual enables the user to execute all tests needed to pass Bluetooth qualification.

Bluetooth test and verification services offer Bluetooth products to be tested and qualified according to the Bluetooth Qualification Program according to the Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) through an authorized Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF).

RFI Wireless
Company Website

RFI (Radio Frequency Investigation) , based in UK, provides compliance and regulatory solutions to the global wireless and electronics industry. Specific expertise includes compliance management, regulatory consultancy, product design, and hardware and software testing.  It also provides Bluetooth Training Seminars.

Bluetooth Testing Services Include:
Bluetooth Qualification Body - RFI can provide assistance with compliance folders and formal placing of qualified products on the Bluetooth Qualified Products Listing (BQPL).
Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility - RFI has established its BQTF services. The company have taken delivery of two Protocol/Profile Conformance testers (IVT BlueTester and Cetecom BITE) and are currently validating these platforms for submission to the BQRB.
Blue Unit Testing - RFI can already provide Blue Unit testing on both the Ericsson and Nokia platforms.
Bluetooth Regulatory Requirements - RFI provides a total solution for the regulatory requirements of Bluetooth products.   RFI can provide the following UKAS accredited regulatory testing: EMC testing to EN 301 489-17, Radio Approval testing to EN 300 328, FCC testing to Part 15.247, Part 15.205, Part 15.209.
Regulatory and Technical Support Services - RFI offers a full regulatory management service and is a Notified Body for the European RTTE Directive. They also do research on regulatory requirements for the countries, develop detailed test plans and assist with the submittal process.
Solutions Services - RFI is also developing additional services to compliment our traditional testing products.  We are currently working with technology partners and our customers to meet some of the challenges facing this technology.

Steve Kerner Limited
Company Website
Accredited Regulatory Test House and Telecom Regulatory Approvals Management Service Worldwide International Regulatory Test and Approvals Service. 

They can obtain test and approval of telecom products in some 120 countries worldwide - and adding more all the time.

Company Website 

Telelogic is a supplier of solutions for advanced software development. The company can provide integrated products and professional services for the end-to-end software development lifecycle. Telelogic aims to enable organisations to improve quality and predictability, while reducing time-to-market and overall costs. 

Bluetooth PreQual is a product from Telelogic that enables prequalification of Bluetooth applications. The product is designed to pre-test potential Bluetooth products before they reach a Bluetooth qualification test facility, so that the risk of the qualification process will become a bottleneck for Bluetooth application developers is reduced significantly and enable the product to pass qualification first time. PreQual features Test documentation support, HCI test suite and Blue Unit Testing.

TUV Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg
Company Website
TÜV Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg is an international testing and certification company headed in Germany with over 8000 employees and a global network of 190 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries.

TÜV Rheinland have 8 Bluetooth Qualification Bodies and four Bluetooth laboratories and are a provider for Bluetooth qualification services. 2 out of our 4 laboratories are officially recognized as a BQTF.

TUV Rheinland established the full scope of Bluetooth Qualification Services in USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong.


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