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Bluetooth  antennas, and 2.4 ghz wireless antenna manufacturers

Many Bluetooth antennas, and other 2.4 ghz wireless antenna manufacturers are listed. Bluetooth antenna products include dipole, high-gain, omni directional, internal, external and other services including antenna design and antenna development.

If you know of other Bluetooth Antenna manufacturers please add the company details. Thank you.

Allector Innovations AB
Company Website

ALLECTOR is a Swedish high-tech company, developing, manufacturing antennas and other antenna related products for the wireless communication industries. Our four founders have together more than 90 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and sales of antennas.

Terminal antennas - Bluetooth antennas for PDA's, mobile phones, laptop computers and other handheld units. Fully customised products on request.

Small base station antennas - Base station antennas with gain between 0 and 16 dB. Fully customised products on request.

Company Website

Manufacturer of Ceramic antenna for GPS, Bluetooth & wireless LAN. Manufacturing of Chip Varistor for ESD solution.

Bluetooth chip antenna. Manufactured by LTCC Technology.

Company Website

Antenova, based in Cambridge, UK are antenna specialists in developing embedded and external antennas for a range of wireless communications applications including Bluetooth and WLAN.

Antenova has developed intellectual property(IP) that will deliver to the market antennas with benefits in areas such as efficiency, size, directionality, less susceptible to proximity detuning and cost. 

Antenova is currently developing new antenna solutions that can be tailored for individual Bluetooth‘ applications and addressing key problems for Bluetooth‘ product engineering.

Blue2Space AB
Company Website
Blue2Space is a wireless communications company founded in 2000 and situated in Stockholm, Sweden. The company develops and markets hardware and software solutions for networking within the Bluetooth standard, providing a complete family of services and products.

Directional High-Gain antenna is a antenna accessory for the Blue2 product line that can be used to extend the range of a Bluetooth cell from nominal 10-30m up to 250-1300meters using a Class-2 Bluetooth Radio Chip to provide a wireless long range access point. 

Blue2Space also plan to release the blue2repeat which acts like a repeater for Bluetooth, and our outdoor Directional High-Gain antenna.

Centurion Wireless Technology
Company Website

Centurion is a global supplier of custom-designed and manufactured antenna and power products for wireless handsets, data devices and networks.

Bluechip is an internal Bluetooth antenna, that is omnidirectional and has PCB surface mount. 
Microblue is an internal embedded Bluetooth antenna that is omnidirectional. 
Surface Mount PIFA is an internal mounting Bluetooth antenna that is omnidirectional and has PCB mount. 
Mini-Surface Mount PIFA is an internal mounting Bluetooth antenna that is omnidirectional and has PCB surface mount. It is also available with cable and connector termination. Dipole-ComAir 2.4:WCR is a small 4 inch sized antenna suitable for Bluetooth that allows allows 360 rotation and 1/2 wave coaxial dipole.
Dipole-ComAir 2.4:WCD is a desk mount wireless LAN antenna suitable for Bluetooth with 1/2 wave coaxial dipole and 6 ft coax with various connectors.
Dipole-ComAir 2.4:WCP is a size of 2 1/4 inches with 1/2 wave coaxial dipole.
Model WXR is an injection molded right angle antenna. It allows for 360 movement and 1/2 wave coaxial dipole.

Centurion also has a number of power supply products which could be suitable for a range of Bluetooth enabled devices such as PDAs, Mobile Phones and Laptops.

Electromagnetic Software & Systems 
Company Website
Based in South Africa, the company offers a software solution known as FEKO which is a full wave, method of moments (MoM) based, computer code for the analysis of electromagnetic problems including EMC, shielding, coupling, antenna design, antenna placement analysis, microstrip antennas and circuits, striplines, dielectric bodies and scattering analysis.

Antenna Design is offered for a wide range of technologies including Bluetooth through the use of the FEKO system. 

Company Website

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Fractus specializes in designing and manufacturing miniature and multi-band antennas for wireless applications that are easy to integrate, cost-effective and provide high performance. 

Reach Xtend Bluetooth and WLAN 802.11 b/g embedded antenna engineered to meet OEM, ODM and product designer needs.

Furukawa Electric Europe Ltd
Company Website

Manufacturer of electronic products, components and devices.

Chip Antenna a small chip antenna.

Company Website
Galtronics is a wireless antenna company specializing in the design, development, production, testing, and verification of custom and semi-custom radio frequency antennas for the global communications industry. 

Bluetooth Antennas  - a range of antenna designs are available including 
Planar Inverted F Antenna (PIFA)
Meander line
1/4 wave swivel whip for PC card
1/2 wave swivel retractable for PC card
1/2 wave swivel dipole and 
1/2 wave dipole.

GigaAnt (part of the Perlos Group)
Company website
A Swedish company specialising in 2.4GHz antennas for short range wireless communications.
The company provides in-built antenna solutions for access points, mobile phones, mobile and desktop computers (inc notebooks) and printers, industrial automation and control systems, PC cards and dongles and audio/video equipment.

Titanis antenna  - External 1/2 wave swivel antenna, independent of ground plane.
Adjustable radiation angle, 50mm, 1.6 dBi gain, SMA, 75% efficiency, no matching network required

Picea antenna - External 1/2 wave swivel antenna, independent of ground plane.
Adjustable radiation angle, 50mm, 1.6 dBi gain, snap-in antenna, 75% efficiency,  matching network required

Virago antenna  - now discontinued

SMD antennas, the Mica and the Limata. Mica is for applications where range is more important then size, while Limata is the right antenna for products were size is crucial. 

Crispus and Falvus snap-in antennas are intended for all 2.4 GHz applications where high performance is combined with low profile snap-in assembly directly on the printed circuit board. Technical facts: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz, low profile flat antennas, 4mm thick, 3-4 dBi gain, clips into the product PCB.

ICM antenna is an Internal Case-Mounted for PCBs. It is a small, high-performance type antennas that are mounted on the case separate from the PCB but use contact points on it. ICM antennas can be tailored to customer requirements and product design. Multiband antennas are also possible. It is suitable for applications such as PDAs, handheld devices, devices with limited PCB space. Technical facts: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz, internal case mounted antennas, connects to a pad on the product PCB, thus requiring minimum PCB area.

GigaAnt also offer various Antenna support services with particular focus on Measurement and Testing. These include: Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Matching network, Transmission line optimization, 3D radiation pattern, Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), Electrical and magnetic field measurements.

Close working with customers throughout the design process is available if required.

Halon Eletronics Co., Ltd
Company Website
Halon Electronics Co., Ltd is a enterprise in the electronics industry in China. The company specialize in bluetooth (WLAN) antenna, GPS antenna, filter, Series dielectric ceramic filter, Series TEM dielectric resonator, 900M Dielectric Filter. 

Bluetooth (WLAN) antenna - Technical characteristics Center frequency: 2.45GHz Bandwidth: 100MHz Gain: 3dbi size: 7.0x7.0x3.0:

Integral Technologies Inc.
Company Website

Integral Technologies, Inc. (Integral) has positioned itself as an incubator of small start-up companies possessing proprietary technologies applicable to the wireless industry. Currently Integral is focusing its resources on two products; 1/ its suite of circuit board antennas and 2/ its wireless internet based tracking technology.

TPF-3000-01 is a small component antenna that works in the 2.4 - 5 Ghz band. It requires no tuning components and the antenna may be mounted either vertically or horizontally on the ground plane depending upon the application. It has been designed to match closely with application where the characteristic impedance is 50 ohms.  Click here for a PDF file on the product.

Company Website
Intenna Technology AB primarily develops, manufactures and markets antennas for short-range applications to the global wireless industry.

enna offer a specific customer solution for Bluetooth Antennas for uses in areas such as hands free equipment or industrial purposes or mobile phones and computers. Intenna also have particular experience in vehicle antennas and applying Bluetooth antenna technology within them. 

Kosan I & T Co. Ltd
Company Website
Kosan Information Technology, founded in November 1995, the company is a distributor,  network solution provider and developer of communication equipment and RF components, including a range of Bluetooth Antennas.

The company offers a large range of different Bluetooth Antennas called the KOSANTenna Series:
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - CON - S01
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - CAB - S01
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - S01
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - S02
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - CAB - S02
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - S03
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - S04
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L01
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L05
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L06
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L08
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L10
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L11
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L12
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - L13
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - M01

KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - M02
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - M04
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - M04
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - M06
KOSANTenna - Bluetooth - SMT - M07

Murata Manufacturing
Company Website

G2 Series chip dielectric antennas for Bluetooth, which can be built into notebook PCs (LDA82)

MMC Electronics (Part of Mitsubishi)
Company Website

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation produces ceramic electronic components and advanced electronic materials. One part of their work covers the production of a Bluetooth Antenna.

SMD Bluetooth Antenna is a omni-directional antenna that is surface mountable and has dimensions of 13.5 x 3 x 0.8mm. Click here for a PDF file on SMD Antennas. Click here for specific product details.

Moteco (part of the Perlos Group)
Company Website
Moteco develops, manufactures and markets antennas for mobile communication units.

Moteco offer customised solutions for embedded Bluetooth antennas combined with GSM for mobile phone, laptop, PDA and other applications. They can provide customised solutions combining long- and short-range wireless communication. This is done with combined work of Moteco and GigaAnt both part of the Perlos Group.

NTK Technologies, Inc.

NTK Technologies is a NGK Spark Plugs Company and in charge of Electronics Components, IC packages and Fine Ceramics.

Chip Antenna
Super Small Size(8.0x2.0xh=1.0mm) and sufficient gain. It fits any Bluetooth applications. Further reference data is available.

Chip Antenna
Small Size (12.0x2.5xh=0.7mm) and sufficient gain. It fits any Bluetooth applications.

Perseus Tech. International Corp.
Company Website
Perseus Tech. International Corp. is a professional EMI/RFI/EMC problem solver. The company design and provide the microwave materials to solve electromagnetic wave absorbing, Bshielding problem from very low frequency to 100 GHz.

Perseus Tech. Bluetooth Antenna and Module is a small embedded antenna, which can be mounted on PCB with connector as customer requirement. It is 7.3 x 5.5 x 1.4 mm, and has a bandwidth of 140Mhz, it is also omnidirectional.
2.4/5.8 GHz dual-band Antenna is suited to utilize both Bluetooth and 802.11 technologies together. It's central frequency is therefore both 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz. The antenna is 6 x 6 x 1.6 mm with a weight of 0.14 g.

Protura Wireless
Company Website
Entry has been removed as they now wish to focus their efforts on Cellular handset embedded antennas, their Trona series.

Rangestar Wireless
Company Website
Rangestar focus on the design and integration of embedded antennas. The company offers  design and testing facilities.

Products include:
Bluetooth Antenna P/N 400100 is a a small, light weight embedded dual-yagi antenna with an operational frequency range of 2400 to 2500 MHz. It is suited for integration into desk or wall-mounted devices. For technical details click here for their PDF file.
Bluetooth Antenna P/N 100902 is a small, surface-mounted embedded antenna with an operational frequency range of 2400 to 2500 MHz. This makes it suited for integration into PDAs, PC cards, mobile phones, access points, desk and wall-mounted devices, and Bluetooth enabled devices. For technical details click here for their PDF file.
Bluetooth Antenna P/N 100930 is tab-mounted embedded Bluetooth antenna with an operational frequency range of 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. It has an enhanced hemispherical pattern which improves the RF link reliability of portable devices. It is suited for integration into access points, desk and wall mounted devices, PC cards, and Bluetooth enabled devices. For technical details click here for their PDF file.
Bluetooth Vertically Polarized Antenna P/N 100903 is a vertically polarized, tab-mounted embedded antenna with an operational frequency range of 2400 to 2480 MHz. It is suited for integration into access points, desk and wall-mounted devices, mobile phones, PC cards, PDAs, and Bluetooth enabled devices. For technical details click here for their PDF file.

Rangestar also offer a number of antenna services. These include (Please note: these are all PDF Files.) : Embedded Antenna Design, Embedded Antenna Integration, Regulatory Compliance Testing, Bluetooth Certification, Transceiver Integration, Software Development.

Company Website
SkyCross focuses on next generation antenna technology for mobile and fixed wireless telecommunications, automotive, and mobile computing markets.

Dual Band Antenna 2.45/5.25 Ghz 0461. 
Dual Band Antenna 2.45/5.25 Ghz 0406.
2.45 GHz Printable Antenna. 
2.45 GHz Flex Antenna. 
2.45 GHz Loop Antenna for High Data Rate WLAN Applications. 

SuperPass Co, Inc.
Company Website
Founded in 1996, Superpass is located in, Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada. It devotes itself to the research and development of innovative base station and portable antennas in

Superpass provide a range of antennas for wireless communications including omni-directional antennas, sector antennas, H-Pol antennas, H-Pol Omni antennas.

Woken Technology Inc.
Bluetooth Antennas supplier.

Xertex Antennas (Now owned by Centurion)
Company Website
The company is now owned by Centurion. For details on Centurion's products and solutions go The Wireless Directory's Antennas, Design Solutions pages. 

Company Website
Yokowo focus on providing personal and vehicle communications equipment, microwave components and ceramic equipment.

The company offers antenna development in a range of areas from micro-antenna components, for all types of terrestrial and satellite multimedia communication and of course Bluetooth. 


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