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Sponsorship of The Wireless Directory

Sponsorship is not charity - Bluetooth companies receive clear value in return for their modest sponsorship fees. If our community and website is providing a valuable service to your company, please suggest to your marketing department that your company become a sponsor

Usually the first question that is asked by potential sponsors is - How much does it cost?
It can be from 500 / $725 / Euro725 to 2000 / $3000 / Euro 3000 per annum. These costs are significantly cheaper than other forms of advertising and promotion. See details.

The following include the exclusive benefits available to our sponsors

   Banner at the top of the sponsored page/area
Allows your company to communicate its message to its specific customer market. Banners on individual pages allows your company brand to become associated with the specific product/service that you provide. The banner provides a direct click-through to your company’s homepage. The Wireless Directory currently accepts the standard 230x60 pixels banner size, however depending upon the page sponsored it may be possible to offer other sizes.

   Make Connections with companies across the Bluetooth industry
If your company is looking for a Bluetooth developer/supplier/distributor or retailer we are able to put you in contact with the right people across the industry that will be able to help your company grow and develop

   Direct 'Mailto:' links on sponsored pages
This allows the visitors to The Wireless Directory to directly send an e-mail to a company employee where they are interested in obtaining more information on products/services. This can result in direct leads on possible B2B business deals or sales.

   Enhanced product listings
Specifically this means 2 things:
1. More detail is included on your company’s product/service relating to the sponsored page/area of
The Wireless Directory.
2. A single product/service photo may be added to the entry. This can be a very effective way of letting your company’s products stand out from the crowd because
The Wireless Directory is designed to be informative and has no pictures of other companies’ products/services.

   Ability to submit features on company products/services
Exclusive to sponsors this can specifically raise awareness about a company product or service. Although blatant advertising is unacceptable, past experience on DECTweb and also more recently with The Wireless Directory, shows visitors welcome targeted interesting feature articles that can further raise your company profile.

   Exclusive e-Newsletter/Specific Mailing sponsorship opportunities
Particularly valuable for promoting time sensitive activities such as conferences or new product launches. For a small additional fee, an existing sponsor company can either feature on an individual issue of our regular news e-mailing, or be able to send out a specific mailing to our whole Bluetooth community base (which is growing fast). This means your company’s product announcement reaches every one of our community members’ desktops.

   Enquiry Reference
We often receive enquires from visitors to the website requesting a specific solution relevant to the Bluetooth market. Where there is an existing sponsor working in a relevant area that can help in providing this solution we will refer them.

   Retention priority of sponsored pages in future years
This enables your company to maintain your marketing position on The Wireless Directory without the risk of a competitor securing your preferred page. In other words, where your company is sponsoring a page on The Wireless Directory and a competitor requests to sponsor the same page, then your company will have first refusal on continuing with sponsorship. This applies to specific product pages, where only a single sponsor is allowed, and to sponsor slots on higher profile, multi-sponsor, pages .

   Extra focus on sponsors of The Wireless Directory throughout and outside the website This includes:
1. An extra banner added to the Online Partners page as well as priority positioning on this page alongside our other sponsor partners.
2. Further link referrals on articles & news, and other press run throughout the website (eg. see Bluetooth Congress 2002 Article), which are made available to be re-published elsewhere on the Internet, by other webmasters.
3. Promotion outside the The Wireless Directory website, where a relevant Internet discussion group/website requests information on specific product area relevant to an existing sponsor.

Sponsorship of The Wireless Directory enables us to maintain this free service to the Bluetooth industry.  Thus, as well as the above benefits, you are supporting the growth of the industry and an information service that your own company values.

The Wireless Directory offers sponsorship options suited to major players, to ,medium and small companies, even start-ups.   Our sister site, DECTweb, for example has sponsors including household names at the product level - such as Siemens and Binatone, semiconductor suppliers - such as Philips and National Semiconductor, as well as other important but smaller companies - such as RTX, Inventel and Kirk Telecom.

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