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Origins of The Wireless Directory

What is The Wireless Directory ?
How it all began...
The value of a global online industry community
Contribute & receive Contribute & receive 

What is The Wireless Directory ?
The Wireless Directory is provided by WTIS Ltd (Wireless Telecommunications Information & Services). It has been created upon the same concepts as its sister service DECTweb - it is designed to provide a global community and a freely accessible resource of  relevant, timely and useful information relating to events, products and services involved in the Bluetooth short-range wireless technology.  The Wireless Directoryoffers a forum for marketing, engineering and other Bluetooth professionals in the telecommunications, consumer electronics and other application industry businesses to interact and obtain specific information.   This has been done by creating a member base for the website from which The Wireless Directoryis able to offer a range of information services including regular free e-newsletters. You can join the member base by clicking here

How it all began..
The seeds of The Wireless Directorywere back in the late 1990's and, like some of Bluetooth's core technology itself, are related to DECT - digital enhanced cordless telecommunications.  At a conference in 1997 the need for an Internet based community and information service for the digital cordless telecommunications industry was identified and out this was born the predecessor of The Wireless Directory, DECTweb - which was launched in 1998 as a free service for the wireless industry. By the start of 2001, DECTweb was attracting around a quarter of a million hits per month and had a well-established established community in over 50 countries signed up to receive its regular free e-news updates.  Several major industry players - such as Siemens, National Semiconductors, Philips, etc - were active sponsors, as well other less well known companies.  Some of these early smaller sponsors, like RTX Telecom and Inventel, have grown substantially since then

With the advent of Bluetooth, many of the originating companies of the DECT technology - including those mentioned above - moved across to also develop and address the Bluetooth market. With the rapid growth of interest in Bluetooth, and the creation of commercial websites by the conference and advertising  industries, for some considerable time we felt that there was perhaps no requirement for a site such as The Wireless Directory, that these others sites were providing all that was needed.  However...

The Value of Community
... experience proved that an effective global web community comprises more than was yet available on these other websites.  It was becoming increasingly apparent that these other sites were providing a valuable, but only partial, solution.  Thus it was in summer 2001, at last, that the The Wireless Directory community finally came into being, initially under the name Bluetoothweb.  The website was rebranded in summer 2002 to become The Wireless Directory.  

The Wireless Directory aims to provide a true global community for the Bluetooth  industry, offering an opportunity for people in the industry to interact, to submit news of new products, conference reports, new updates etc to inform and educate all;  a place where people involved in Bluetooth - whether technical, commercial or whatever - can locate information, network and build valuable friendships. 

You can help us to achieve this by supporting The Wireless Directory in several ways

Contribute & Receive 
We do trust that you will find The Wireless Directory an increasingly useful and valuable resource.  Its value to its users will grow exponentially with the size of the The Wireless Directory community - as the community grows, and more members submit news and information, this becomes the content that informs all our members.  It is for this reason that your personal active support is encouraged. Thank you.


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